Recent Graduate

Recent Graduate Member Category

OSA Recent Graduate Members are individuals who have completed a degree program within the last three years. Members qualify for this category immediately following the completion of their highest level degree.

Dues & Term for Recent Graduate Members*

$55 USD
$15 USD for recent graduates residing in an economically developing nation

New! 3-Year:
$150 USD 
$45 USD for recent graduates residing in an economically developing nation

Recent Graduate 3-year terms are only available upon graduation.

OSA Member Benefits & Services

Recent Graduate members receive OSA Individual Member Benefits plus:

  1. Three years of discounted membership dues
  2. Exclusive in-person and online networking opportunities
  3. An invitation to join the OSA Young Professionals Program
  4. An invitation to join the Member Advisory Network

The Young Professionals Program

The Young Professionals Program matches Recent Graduate Members with career-building volunteer opportunities that align with their areas of technical interest. Find out more today!

The OSA Member Advisory Network

The Member Advisory Network is a worthwhile volunteer experience that accommodates your busy schedule! The Network has an online-only format, with no in-person meetings and no term commitments; Recent Graduate Members may join or leave the Network whenever they like. Activities include providing feedback on OSA programs and services.

To enroll as a Network volunteer, please email

Activate your Recent Graduate Membership today!

*Pricing effective through 8/31/2016. Recent Graduate Members are not eligible to vote in the annual election for OSA Vice President and Directors at Large.


"I was a student member of OSA, [and] I continued my OSA membership as a Recent Graduate because of the Young Professionals Program and the opportunities it provides. The YP Program got me involved in volunteering roles for OSA and helped build my professional network. I quickly realized the value of this and continued my OSA Membership."
– Arlene Smith, University of Michigan


"OSA Membership has had a great impact on my career. After graduating, I have been reading OSA literatures to inspire and stimulate ideas to resolve the problems in my job."
– Ming-Chuan Yang, Micron Technology, Inc.