Scope and Topic Categories

Scope and Topic Categories

The latest developments in laser based sensing and free space laser communication.

Sophisticated laser system concepts are increasingly being used to address high bandwidth free space optical (FSO) communications needs and for sensing applications. We are coming into the age of Free Space Optics, where laser systems are seen as a viable competitor to RF systems for many applications. However, system requirements continue to demand increased performance from the various components used to implement these systems. Terrestrial and space based multi-mega/gigabit FSO links have been demonstrated but still require advances in beam steering, detection schemes, adaptive optics and other methods of mitigating atmospheric effects, and modulated laser encoding before wide applications are to be realized. Optical sensors based on lasers are also progressing both in remote applications as well as in on chip sensing, in communities ranging from environmental sensing to medical diagnostics. Laser based sensing and free space communications both employ sophisticated detection schemes. This meeting reports on the multiple applications of lasers in FSO communications as well as in advanced sensing applications.

Topic Categories

Laser Sensing

  • 1-D, 2-D and 3-D lidars, including through foliage and canopies
  • Single and Multi-aperture lidars
  • Synthetic aperture lidars
  • Compressed sensing lidars
  • Tomographic lidar
  • Atmospheric effects and mitigation for lidar systems
  • laser vibrometers
  • Active Polarization or active multispectral lidars
  • Chemical or biological sensing
  • Laser diagnostics of combustion

Free Space Optical, FSO, Lasercom

  • Experimental FSO Systems
  • Channel Characterization for FSO Systems
  • Space, terrestrial and airborne links
  • FSO quantum cryptography
  • Atmospheric effects and mitigation for FSO systems
  • Wavelength-division multiplexing for FSO systems

Components for LS&C

  • Optical receivers , including linear and Gieger mode APDs
  • Transmitters for LS&C, including narrow band lasers
  • High speed optical modulation
  • Optical beam steering for LS&C