Laser Ignition Conference (LIC)

Laser Ignition Conference (LIC)

27 - 30 4月 2015
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, USA

In order to achieve higher fuel efficiencies, and lower fuel emissions while maintaining engine specific power densities, many practical combustion systems have resorted to advanced combustion regimes wherein ignition is severely impeded. Laser ignition has proved instrumental in unlocking the true potential of such combustion modes. This is the third conference that attempts to collate the latest developments in laser and laser technologies for the feasibility of laser ignition in practical combustion systems. In parallel, the latest developments in non-laser ignition systems will also be presented. Also, studies that enhance our understanding of the ignition process will also be presented. Included in this conference are guest lectures from leading authorities on laser ignition technologies.


  1. Latest developments in laser & laser technologies (hardware).
  2. Advanced ignition systems for stationary natural gas engines – lean-burn, high EGR, etc.
  3. Advanced ignition systems for vehicular applications – GDI, high EGR, etc.
  4. Laser ignition in Aerospace applications – low-density combustion, Hypersonics, etc.
  5. Laser diagnostics associated with laser induced breakdown – LIBS, etc.
  6. Alternative ignition systems

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Takunori Taira
Institute for Molecular Science

Sreenath Gupta
Argonne National Laboratory
United States

Program Chair

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Postdeadline Abstract and Summary Submission 30 3月 2015 12:00 EDT
Postdeadline Abstract and Summary Submission 30 3月 2015

David Foster, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States, Title to be Announced, Plenary

Cherian Idicheria, General Motors Corporation, United States, Title to be Announced, Plenary

Sean O'Byrne, University of New South Wales, Australia, Laser Ignition in Hypersonic Combustion Flows, Plenary

Suk ho Chung, Center for Information Storage Device, South Korea, Laser-induced Multi-point Ignition for Enabling high-performance Engines, Invited

Doug Dale, University of Alberta, Canada, The Very First Engine Tests Using Laser Ignition, Invited

Hyungrok Do, University of Notre Dame, United States, Laser Induced Breakdown for Ignition and Measurements in Compressible Turbulent Reacting Flows, Invited

Takuma Endo, Hiroshima University, Japan, Physical Processes in Laser-induced Gaseous Breakdown , Invited

Hirohide Furutani, AIST Tokyo, Japan, Laser Ignition for Gas Engine, Invited

Jun Hayashi, Osaka University, Japan, Potential of Laser Ignited Engines , Invited

Kodo Kawase, Nagoya University, Japan, Effluent Gas Filter Nondestructiveness Measurement by Using Thz Wave , Invited

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