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Optics and Photonics Benefits: Student Services

OSA student member benefits support your academic studies, power your research and provide opportunities that will propel your career in optics and photonics.

OSA supports an extensive global network of more than 350 Student Chapters. These chapters, managed for and by students, create valuable opportunities for professional development and foster lasting relationships between peers and mentors. In addition to their benefits for members, many chapters are heavily involved with community and youth education outreach to provide both a service to their community and work to disseminate the knowledge of optics and photonics worldwide.

If your university already has  a chapter, we encourage you to become an active member. If your school does not yet have a chapter, we invite you to consider establishing one.

OSA Student  Chapters receive many benefits including: activity and travel grants, guest lecture resources, networking opportunities, and much more!



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“I recommend that my peers join OSA and specifically to join [an OSA] Student Chapter. Student Chapters [are] a great opportunity to meet fellow students and share experiences.”

– Kirk Ingold, Stanford University