Quantitative Medical Imaging (QMI)

25 - 26 junio 2013

QMI provides a comprehensive scientific and engineering forum for the advancement of quantitative imaging algorithms and methods.  

Healthcare continues to seek improved quantitative medical imaging biomarkers with which to better diagnose, treat, and monitor the health of patients. The focus of the QMI meeting is to advance the science of medical imaging algorithms and systems designed to calculate objective, effective, and reproducible quantitative imaging biomarkers.

QMI meeting will cover both basic and applied research on image-based detection and measurement methods for all medical imaging modalities including current image acquisition methods, such as CT, X-Ray, MRI, PET, Ultrasound, Nuclear, as well as emerging biomedical image acquisition methods.  An emphasis will be placed on automated methods and the optimization of imaging systems and image analysis algorithms. Optimization of algorithm performance with respect to image modality parameters, such as fundamental imaging characteristics and radiation dose, is highly relevant to this meeting. The integration of these methodologies in Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnostic systems will also be covered.

Quantitative Medical Imaging (QMI) will be held in Summer 2015. 
Complete information about the 2015 meeting will be posted in Fall 2014.
Coming Soon. Please check back in early 2014.
Coming Soon. Please check back in early 2014.

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