Adaptive Optics: Methods, Analysis and Applications (AO)

23 - 27 junio 2013
Renaissance Arlington Capital View, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Invited Speakers

Pablo Artal, Universidad de Murcia , Spain, Adaptive Optics for Ophthalmic Applications, Invited

Martin Booth, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, Adaptive Optics for High-resolution Microscopy, Invited

R. Daniel Ferguson, Physical Sciences Inc., United States, Coherence-gated Wavefront Sensing, Invited

Mourad Idir, Brookhaven National Laboratory, United States, E: X-ray Active Optics for Synchrotron and Free Electron Laser Applications: Why and How?, Invited

Na Ji, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, United States, Pupil-segmentation-based Adaptive Optics for In-vivo Brain Imaging , Invited

Joel Kubby, University of California Santa Cruz, United States, Adaptive Optics for Biological Imaging using Direct Wavefront Sensing, Invited

Carl Paterson, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, Information in Wavefront Sensing - Fundamental Limits to Wavefront Measurement, Invited

Jason Porter, University of Houston, United States, Wavefront Sensorless Adaptive Optics Imaging in the Living Eye, Invited

Lisa Poyneer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States, Adaptive x-ray Optics at Lawrence Livermore, Invited

Thomas Rimmele, National Solar Observatory, United States, Solar Adaptive Optics: Challenges and New Developments , Invited

Karin Stein, Fraunhofer IOSB, Germany, Electro-optical Propagation along a Horizontal Path – A Brief Overview, Invited