Optical Trapping Applications (OTA)

12 - 15 abril 2015
Pinnacle Vancouver Harbourfront Hotel , Vancouver, Canada

Committee List


Steven Neale, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Peter Reece, University of New South Wales, Australia

Program Chair

Reuven Gordon, University of Victoria, Canada
Lene Oddershede, The Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark


Tomas Cizmar, University of Dundee, United Kingdom
Andrew Forbes, CSIR National Laser Centre, South Africa
Nancy Forde, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Simon Hanna, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Brooke Hester, Appalachian State University, United States
Tony Jun Huang, Pennsylvania State University, United States
Carlos Lopez-Mariscal, US Naval Research Laboratory, United States
Onofrio Marago, CNR-IPCF, Italy
David McGloin, University of Dundee, United Kingdom
Jack Ng, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Peter Pauzauskie, University of Washington, United States
Ruben Ramos-Garcia, Inst Nat Astrofisica Optica Electronica, Mexico
Giulia Rusciano, Univ degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy
Giovanni Volpe, Bilkent Universitesi, Turkey
Pavel Zemanek, Institute of Scientific Instruments ASCR, Czech Republic