Digital Holography & 3-D Imaging (DH)

13 - 17 julio 2014
Sheraton Seattle Hotel , Seattle, Washington, USA

Invited Speakers

James Fienup, University of Rochester, United States, Aberration Correction in Digital Holographic Imaging , Plenary

Wolfgang Osten, Institut für Technische Optik, Germany, Remote laboratories - a challenge for digital holography and modern metrology , Tutorial

Gary Brooker, Johns Hopkins University, United States, Inherently Super Resolving FINCH Holographic 3D Fluorescence Microscopy , Invited

Peter Fischer, CXRO, LBNL, United States, Magnetic soft X-ray microscopy: From nanoscale behavior to mesoscale phenomena , Invited

Jorge Garcia-Sucerquia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia, Multispectral digital lensless holographic microscopy: from white light LED to fs-laser , Invited

Olivier Haeberle, Universite de Haute-Alsace, Image acquisition, processing and reconstruction in holographic and tomographic microscopy , Invited

Andreas Hermerschmidt, HOLOEYE Photonics AG, Germany, Phase spatial light modulators , Invited

Nam Kim, Chungbuk National University, South Korea, Standardization Activities for 3D Display and Devices , Invited

Edmund Lam, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Computational Sectioning and Resolution Enhancement in Optical Scanning Holography, Invited

Rajesh Menon, University of Utah, United States, Exploiting photochromism for optical nanopatterning , Invited

Samarendra Mohanty, University of Texas at Arlington, United States, Quantitative phase microscopy of optically manipulated objects , Invited

Alan Purvis, University of Durham, United Kingdom, Lithography in three dimensions , Invited

Pramod Rastogi, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland, Simultaneous Estimation of Multiple Phase Information in Digital Holography, Invited

Nadya Reingand, Patent Hatchery LLC, United States, Business aspects of Digital Holography and 3D imaging, Invited

Naoto Tsutsumi, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan, Recent Progress in Updatable Holographic 3D Display Systems Using Monolithic Organic Compounds, Invited

Yongtian Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China, Precise Intensity Modulation in 3D Dynamic Holographic Display , Invited

Timothy Wilkinson, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Holographic Lithography for speckle reduction , Invited