OSA Incubator Meeting Topological Order with Photons

OSA Incubator Meeting Topological Order with Photons

2-4 April 2014
OSA Headquarters • Washington, DC, USA


Steven Girvin, Yale University, United States
Mohammad Hafezi, Joint Quantum Institute, United States
Karyn Le Hur, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Jacob Taylor, National Institute of Standards & Technology, United States


Topic Overview

Topological properties play a fundamental role in many physical phenomena. The best known examples are quantum Hall systems, where insensitivity to local properties manifests itself as conductance through edge states that is insensitive to disorder. While the traditional research focus has been on electronic systems, there has been a recent emergence of interest in exploring topological orders with photons.  The motivation behind these efforts has been twofold:  investigating new states of photons in the context of quantum simulation; and developing integrated photonic devices which are robust to disorder. Recent experiments have demonstrated substantial progress towards the implementation of Hamiltonians with topological robustness, from microwave to visible frequency domains.  At the same time, many intriguing theoretical schemes have been proposed to explore topological orders in photonic systems, both in the linear and strongly interacting regimes. This incubator provides a venue to discuss the recent theoretical and experimental progress and to explore future research directions and potential applications of this nascent field, in classical and quantum information processing.

Confirmed Speakers

Alberto Amo, Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures, CNRS, France
Yidong Chong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Eugene Demler, Harvard University, United States
Alex Khanikaev, City University of New York, United States
Na Young Kim, Stanford University, United States
Michal Lipson, Cornell University, United States
Graciana Puentes, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
Mikael Rechtsman, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Gennady Shvets, University Texas at Austin, United States
Jon Simon, University of Chicago, United States
Shanhui Fan, Stanford University, United States
Andrew Houck, Princeton University, United States
Yoav Lahini, MIT: Weizmann Institute of Science, United States
Andrew Greentree, University of Melbourne, Australia
Oded Zilberberg, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Hakan Tureci, Princeton University, United States



Meeting Schedule

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