Incubator Meetings


OSA recently initiated this new form of meeting to provide unique and focused experiences, providing researchers, engineers and business leaders in niche fields a valuable opportunity to meet and discuss advances, challenges and opportunities regarding their research.

OSA Incubators:

  • Target emerging topics and fields that do not have the critical mass needed to support an OSA topical meeting structure.
  • Function to further the interest and support of promising topic areas, assessing the broader implications of the topic for future research and application.
  • Explore possibilities for greater inclusion and propagation of the topic into peer-reviewed topical meeting and/or congresses or conferences.
  • Encourage extensive formal and informal discussion while establishing a sense of community among participants.
  • Offer a valuable means of disseminating information and ideas in a way that cannot be achieved through the usual channels of communication—publications and presentations at large scientific meetings.

Propose a New Incubator

OSA continuously strives to expand the incubator program to examine new and burgeoning topics. Please use this form to propose an Incubator you would be interested in hosting or a topic area you would recommend OSA explore.

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In 2016, as OSA celebrates its centennial, the Incubator Program will be highlighted at the OSA annual meeting Frontiers in Optics. As OSA looks to the next 100 years in optics, Incubator topics, with their focus on what’s to come, will surely help lead the way. For additional information on 2016 Centennial Incubators please email

2016 Incubators

Computational Modeling and Performance Metrics for Imaging System Design and Evaluation
13-15 April 2016

Joseph P. Reynolds, Sensor Performance Modeling Branch, Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, United States
Christian G. Graff, Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories Center for Devices and Radiological Health U.S. Food and Drug Administration, United States 
Precision Measurements in Air Quality Monitoring
18-20 May 2016

Adam Fleisher, National Institute of Standards & Technology, United States
Partha Banerjee, University of Dayton, United States
Jorge E. Pezoa, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile
Science and Applications of Nanolasers
7-9 September 2016

Volker Sorger, George Washington University, United States
Rupert Oulton, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Ren‐Min Ma, Peking University, China
Subwavelength Photonics
21-23 September 2016

Pavel Cheben, National Research Council of Canada 
Inigo Molina Fernandez, University of Malaga, Spain
David Smith, Duke University, United States
Weidong Zhou, University of Texas at Arlington, United States
Emerging Connections: Quantum and Classical Optics
6-8 November 2016

Joseph Eberly,
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, United States
Elisabeth Giacobino, CNRS, Laboratori Kastler Brossel, France
Gerd Leuchs, University of Erlangen & Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Germany
Nick Vamivakas, Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, United States
OSA Future Microscopy Incubator: Merging Adaptive and Computational Imaging
11-13 December
The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland

Tomas Cizmar, University of Dundee, United Kingdom
Susan Cox, King's College London, United Kingdom
Brian Patton, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

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