2014 Photonics Society Summer Topicals Meeting Series

2014 Photonics Society Summer Topicals Meeting Series

14 jul 2014 - 16 jul 2014

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Ingrid L. Donnelly

The topics to be discussed in this year's Summer Topicals span a broad range in related emerging and hot areas of research, from materials to devices, integrated photonics, and systems. The FMTM topic will cover advances both in metamaterials, with focus on functional structures and device configurations, and in two-dimensional materials including graphene and other 2D materials, and their exciting potentials in photonics. NWIP topic will cover anything nanowire related, from materials, to devices, to heterogeneous integration. The MWIP topic will focus on integrated photonic technologies, optical physics, and emerging application trends of mid-IR photonics. The NOSP topic will cover both traditional and emerging materials, as well as various nanophotonic platforms and advanced format and algorithms used for NOSP. The SDMT community will reunion again to exchange and share the exciting advances in all areas related to SDM, from devices to system integration.