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OSA Industry Council Launches New Fellow Nomination Category Recognizing Business Leadership

The Optical Society recognizes distinguished achievement in the field of optics and photonics through the presentation of awards and honors. OSA members who have served with distinction in the advancement of optics and photonics may be proposed for election to the class of Fellow. A new category for Fellow nominees was recently added to provide a clearer path to recognize distinction in the business community. Fellow nominees are assessed in the context of their achievements and career path. OSA added the Business Leadership category this year.

Fellow nominees may be nominated in one of the following six categories:

  1. NEW CATEGORY! – Business Leadership
  2. Education
  3. Engineering, Application and Development
  4. Engineering and Science Research
  5. Technical Leadership
  6. Volunteer/Professional Service

The nomination must be submitted by an OSA Fellow Member. The next deadline for Fellow nominations is 15 June. Learn More about Fellow nominations.

For a complete list of fellows visit the Fellows Directory.

OSA Fellows from Industry

Year of Induction: 2013

  • Fred L. Heismann, JDSU Optical Networks Research Lab, U.S.A., For seminal and sustained contributions to the understanding and control of polarization effects in optical fiber systems through the realization and use of integrated-optical devices.
  • Gerd Keiser, PhotonicsComm Solutions, U.S.A., For significant contributions to photonics education and applications through books, papers, university teaching, short courses, keynote speeches and industry work.
  • Andrey B. Matsko, OEwaves Inc., U.S.A., For seminal contributions to the science and technology of resonant nonlinear systems.
  • Gregory Raybon, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, U.S.A., For pioneering contributions to high-speed optical transmission systems and technologies.
  • Sukesh Roy, Spectral Energies LLC, U.S.A, For pioneering development and application of advanced optical combustion diagnostics, especially those based on ultrafast lasers, and for tireless continuing service to OSA.
  • Peter G. Schunemann, BAE Systems, U.S.A., For seminal contributions to the development and optimization of nonlinear optical materials for mid- infrared frequency conversion devices and applications.
  • Ioannis Tomkos, Athens Information TechnologyCenter, Greece, For outstanding scientific contributions to the field of transparent optical networking.
  • Mariano Troccoli, AdTech Optics, U.S.A., For pioneering commercial development of quantum cascade laser technology.
  • Alice E. White, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs., U.S.A., For developing advanced nanofabrication techniques and applying them to integrated electronics and photonics to enable next-generation lightwave devices.
  • Tiejun J. Xia, Verizon Communications, U.S.A., For significant contributions to high-speed optical transport network technology and architecture development.

Year of Induction: 2012

  • Jin-Xing Cai, TE Subsea Communications, U.S.A., For outstanding technical contributions in spectrally efficient and robust high-speed, long-haul submarine transmission systems.
  • Sethumadhavan Chandrasekhar, Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, U.S.A., For seminal contributions to high-performance opto-electronic integrated circuits, wavelength division multiplexed transmission and high-capacity coherent optical transmission.
  • Valentin P. Gapontsev, IPG Photonics, U.S.A., For technical leadership in developing high-power fiber lasers and his vision and business leadership in commercializing high-power fiber lasers.
  • Douglas P. Holcomb, LGS Innovations, U.S.A., For continuing breakthroughs in the design and optimization of deployable high power optical sources for challenging environments.
  • Mary Lou Jepsen, Pixel Qi Corp., Taiwan, For visionary entrepreneurial and technical leadership of the One Laptop Per Child program to develop a rugged, low-cost educational computer for developing countries.
  • Wilhelm G. Kaenders, TOPTICA Photonics AG, Germany, For founding and running successfully an optical company developing scientific and industrial grade diode and fiber-based laser systems as well as actively serving the optics community and in particular the OSA.
  • Fredrik Laurell, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), Sweden, For pioneering contributions to the development of periodically poled materials and important contributions to laser physics and nonlinear optics.
  • Lenore McMackin, Inview Technology Corp., U.S.A., For significant contributions in basic and applied research in holographic, tomographic and imaging systems and for outstanding contributions to OSA.
  • Daniel R. Neal, Abbott Laboratories, U.S.A., For excellence in innovative technical leadership in the design and fabrication of commercially viable wavefront sensing devices.
  • Alan C. Nilsson, Infinera, U.S.A., For innovative engineering contributions to analog and photonic-integrated-circuit (PIC) based digital fiber optic transmission systems with significant commercial impact.
  • Isao Noda, Procter & Gamble Company, U.S.A., For developing two-dimensional infrared correlation spectroscopy, a method that has been expanded to other probing methods and utilized for studying the structurespectrum correlation for a wide range of materials.
  • Loukas Paraschis, Cisco Systems, U.S.A., For outstanding contributions to efficient optical networking architectures and innovative methodologies to overcome physical-layer impairments.
  • Wei Shi, NP Photonics, Inc., U.S.A., For exceptional contributions to monolithic narrow linewidth pulsed fiber lasers/amplifiers and fiber-based parametric THz generation/detection.
  • Ann Von Lehmen, Telecordia, U.S.A., For technical leadership in optical networking.
  • Stanley E. Whitcomb, LIGO, U.S.A., For seminal contributions to the development of large-scale interferometric gravitational-wave detectors, in particular in his role leading the development and successful commissioning of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory interferometers.

Year of Induction: 2011

  • Sterling Backus, KMLabs, U.S.A., For the development of a new generation of ultrafast lasers with unprecedented few-cycle-pulse duration and high average and peak power which have transformed ultrafast optical science.
  • Krishna Bala, Oclaro, Inc., U.S.A., For significant contributions to optical-mesh networking and for co-founding a company which successfully built the first high-capacity optical-switching product that was a key enabler of today’s optical networks.
  • Alex Cable, Thorlabs Inc., U.S.A., For early seminal contributions in laser cooling and trapping and for founding and nurturing innovative optics businesses that are internationally recognized leaders.
  • Young-Kai (Y-K) Chen, Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, U.S.A., For seminal contributions to high-speed optoelectronics and electronics for high-capacity optical communication systems and microwave photonics.
  • Charles H. Cox III, Photonic Systems, Inc., U.S.A., For outstanding research and development contributions in photonic links and their applications.
  • Michael H. Eiselt, ADVA Optical Networking AG, Germany, For contributions to the technology and commercial development of high-speed wavelength multiplexed optical communications systems.
  • R. Edward English Jr., L-3 Communications, Cincinnati Electronics, U.S.A.,For important contributions in diffraction theory, for seminal contributions in the optical design of high-energy laser systems, and for dedicated management/leadership at the National Ignition Facility Project of LLNL.
  • Shibin Jiang, AdValue Photonics, Inc., U.S.A., For significant contributions to optical glasses and fibers, especially for development of new multicomponent glass fibers and fiber lasers.
  • Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy, Oracle Labs, U.S.A., For pioneering contributions to the research, development, and commercialization of optics in computing systems.
  • Xiang Liu, Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent, U.S.A., For contributions to fundamental research in optical fiber communications that have been incorporated in commercial systems, including high-speed phase-shift keyed transmission and nonlinearity mitigation.
  • Frédéric Merkt, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, For ground-breaking work on the ultrahigh-resolution spectroscopy of Rydberg states of atoms and molecules and for the refinement of high-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy and its application to the determination of the structural and dynamical properties of molecular cations.
  • Kenneth E. Moore, Zemax Development Corp., U.S.A., For the development of state-of-the-art optical design and analysis software combining the capabilities required by the expert designer and the ease of use and accessibility needed for an occasional optics analysis user.