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Submissions for the 2014 Contest are now closed.  Check back in August 2014 for the announcement of the winner and a listing of all company submissions.

Submission Deadline: 30 April 2014
Judging Criteria
Submissions will be judged by members of the OSA Corporate Associates Committee who will take the following into consideration when making the winning selections:
  1. Impact on Society – Demonstrate the economical, behavioral, and human impact on Society
  2. Uniqueness – How do you differentiate your technology from others?
  3. Creativity – Inspire the judges with your story
Entrants were asked the following questions:
  • Describe the profound impact your technology – as part of an end-user product – has had on Society.  How has the population been impacted by your technology.  This could be behavioral, economical, societal, etc.
  • Tell us about how your technology is unique?  What makes it stand out? How do you differentiate it from other similar technologies?
  • When first launched, did your technology make a transformational change for the end-user or was it an advancement of the prior art? Describe this.
  • Give a specific example (with company names) of the buying chain for your product/technology once you sell it to the next level buyer.  Provide an example of the succession of companies your product goes through, ultimately to get to an end-user.  Example:  We produce a component that we sell to a laser systems manufacturer (name the company) who sells it to a medical OEM (name the company), who then sells it to a hospital (name the hospital).
  • Give us your one sentence “elevator pitch” you would use to tell a non-technical person about your technology and the critical role it plays in Society.
  • Surprise Us!  What else should we know about your product/technology?
Contest terms of entry (pdf)

Watch special video overview of contest winner Trojan Technologies’ optical solutions. Click here to view the video in a larger format.


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