Technical Group Leadership Volunteers

Technical Group Leadership Nominations: Voting Now Open!

OSA Members in select technical groups have the opportunity to vote for their next leader now through Friday, 29 May 2015.

When voting, you will have the chance to review the candidates for each of the technical group you belong to which is seeking a new leader. Leadership candidates were asked to submit a photo and a copy of their CV as well as answer the question “what types of initiatives would you implement to engage your technical community?”

Cast your vote now!

When reviewing the candidates, please keep in mind that OSA is looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated individuals that will ensure their group is active, useful and engaging. Key duties of a technical group leader include:

  • Ensuring that the technical group is actively engaging members in its subfield of optics and photonics by organizing meaningful activities, which promote networking and the exchange of information within their community
  • Appointing an executive committee to assist in these efforts within the first three months of their term
  • Submitting biannual reports on the technical group’s activities to the OSA Board of Meetings
  • Participating in regular calls with the other technical group leaders of their division

Cast your vote by Friday, 29 May 2015!

Please Note: You are only allowed to vote on candidates that have been nominated for a leadership position in a technical group you belong to. If you are uncertain about which groups you belong to or need to update your technical group selections, you can review and change your selections at any time by visiting My Account.
The following technical groups are currently seeking new leadership:

  • Optical Trapping and Manipulation in Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Thin Films
  • Applied Spectroscopy
  • Display Technology
  • Fundamental Laser Sciences
  • Short Wavelength Sources and Attosecond/High Field Physics
  • Ultrafast Optical Phenomena
  • Fiber Optics Technology