Optics for Energy (PS)

All aspects of the use of optics in the energy field are considered by this group. The group encompasses the conversion of light energy into other forms of energy including solar conversion via photovoltaic's and photo-thermal processes. Research on organic and inorganic photovoltaic devices, as well as design of optical systems to direct light into these devices, falls within this group. Photovoltaic materials, structures, performance and economics are considered. Devices and structures with improved efficiency, and/or involving novel use of light for illumination are important aspects of this group’s work. Additional aspects of illumination covered include the modeling and design of lighting systems as well as perceptional consideration.

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Name Affiliation Title
Svetlana Boriskina  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States  Chair
Jurgen Michel Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States Co-Chair
Alexander Kildishev Purdue University, United States Co-Chair
Vivian Ferry University of Minnesota, United States Co-Chair
Volodymyr Borshch Kent University, United States Secretary & Outreach Coordinator
Jonathan Tong Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States Social Media & Publications Coordinator

Optical Nanostructures and Advanced Materials for Photovoltaics (PV)

diciembre 02 - diciembre 05 2014
Energy Change Institute, Australian National University, Canberra , Australia

Optics for Solar Energy (SOLAR)

diciembre 02 - diciembre 05 2014
Energy Change Institute, Australian National University, Canberra , Australia

Freeform Optics (Freeform)

junio 07 - junio 11 2015
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, Virginia, USA
OSA Technical Group “Optics for Energy” will be hosting an evening panel+networking session at CLEO 2014. The event will feature mini-talks on hot topics & fundamentals of photon energy conversion, followed by ample Q&A and informal discussion time. The event is open to everyone, food and refreshments will be served.
Svetlana V. Boriskina (MIT)
Alexander Kildishev (Purdue University)
Time & Venue:
Tuesday, June 10, 18:45-19:45 (panel discussion) 19:45-20:15 (networking time), Executive Ballroom 210F
Featured discussion topics include but are not limited to:
(1)   Thermodynamics of energy conversion:
-       efficiency limits of photon energy conversion processes
-       photovoltaics vs solar-thermal vs thermionic emission vs thermophotovoltaics
-       photon up-conversion & angular selectivity
-       radiative cooling
(2)   Plasmonics for energy:
-       plasmonic light trapping/extraction
-       catalytic reactions enhancement
-       novel IR plasmonic materials & near-field effects for PV & TPV

Groups that confirmed participation to date:
Jean-Jacques Greffet (Institut d'Optique, France)
Nicholas Fang (MIT, USA)
Vlad Shalaev (Purdue University, USA)
Eli Yablonovitch (UC Berkeley, USA)
Shanhui Fan (Stanford University, USA)
Marin Soljacic (MIT, USA)
Peter Bermel (Purdue University, USA)
Xiang Zhang (UC Berkeley, USA)

RSVPs are highly encouraged. RSVP to jpridgen@osa.org with the subject line "Optics For Energy Panel Discussion."