Therapeutic Laser Applications (BA)

Therapeutic Laser Applications

AudienceThis group focuses on the use of lasers in surgery or in other treatments of disease. This includes the use of lasers as surgical tools for tissue cutting, welding, and coagulation, as well as the use of optics to initiate cell-damaging photochemical reactions for the treatment of diseases such as cancer. In addition, optics, spectroscopy, and imaging provide unique tools that may allow real-time diagnostics of the efficacy of clinical procedures. For many of these applications, the development of optical tools for appropriate light delivery, especially for fiber-based or endoscopic delivery to tissues that are not directly accessible, is critical. In addition, this group emphasizes basic science studies of the mechanisms by which light can affect tissue in adverse or therapeutic ways.

Name Affiliation Title
Adela Ben-Yakar University of Texas at Austin Steering Committee Advisor & Chair
Murat Yildirim University of Texas at Austin Steering Committee Officer

African conference on Laser Spectroscopy

marzo 08 - marzo 12 2015
Cairo, Egypt

Optics in Cardiology

marzo 11 - marzo 13 2015
LantarenVenster, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Netherlands

Keystone Symposia: Optogenetics

marzo 12 - marzo 16 2015
Westin Downtown Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

International Conference on Photonics, Optics and Laser Technology

marzo 13 - marzo 15 2015
Berlin, Germany

International conference for students of physics & natural sciences "Open Readings 2015"

marzo 24 - marzo 27 2015
Vilnius, Lithuania
If you are a member of the Therapeutic Laser Applications Technical Group and have ideas for activities and initiatives to help engage this group’s members, please contact the group chair, Adela Ben-Yaker, at  
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