Microscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography (BM)

Microscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography

CNP3132_(2).jpgOptical tools are well suited to the study of biology because the attainable spatial resolution matches so closely to the length scale of cells and sub-cellular features: the spatial scale over which many events in normal and disease-state biology are occurring. Microscopic imaging continues to play a dominant role in medicine and biology, driven by the continuous advances in terms of imaging capabilities and contrast mechanisms. This group emphasizes the development and application of new techniques for micrometer-scale structural and functional imaging of biological systems. Among the efforts of this group are the development and application of methods that optimize the optical examination of cellular and tissue biology through increased spatial resolution, higher acquisition speeds, improved penetration depths and maximized contrast. Directions of interest include super-resolution microscopy, multimodal approaches, linear and nonlinear quantitative imaging, phase-sensitive detection of optical signatures and the integration of microscopy and OCT with endoscopic applications.

Name Affiliation Title
Shuo Pang University of Central Florida, CREOL  Chair
Jian Ren Massachusetts General Hospital Research Communication Vice Chair
Javier Jo Texas A&M University Event Organization Vice Chair

X Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine

junio 15 - junio 19 2015
Padova, Italy

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/Europe and the European Quantum Electronics Conference

junio 21 - junio 25 2015
Munich, Germany

European Conferences on Biomedical Optics

junio 21 - junio 25 2015
Munich, Germany

International Conference on Photonics Solutions

julio 06 - julio 08 2015
Hua Hin, Petchburi, Thailand

5th ASPE Topical Meeting on Precision Interferometric Metrology

julio 07 - julio 11 2015
The Golden Hotel, Golden, Colorado, USA
The new chair of Microscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography is Shuo Pang! If you are a member of this group and have ideas for activities and initiatives to help engage the group’s members, please contact Shuo Pang at pang@creol.ucf.edu.