Leadership and Volunteers


The OSA officers each possess outstanding records of scientific achievement in the field of optics and distinguished service. The time and effort given by OSA's elected representatives provide a strong foundation for the Society's future.

2014 Officers

Philip BucksbaumPhilip Bucksbaum, President
Stanford University, USA
Philip RussellPhilip Russell, President-Elect
Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Light, Germany
Alan Willner, Vice President
University of Southern California, USA
Donna Strickland.jpgDonna Strickland, Past President
University of Waterloo, Canada
Stephen D. FantoneGeorge Bayz, Treasurer
Synopsys, Inc., USA
Stephen D. FantoneElizabeth A. Rogan, Chief Executive Officer
The Optical Society, USA

Election for 2015 Offices

The OSA Board of Directors is pleased to present an outstanding slate of candidates for election to terms beginning in 2015. The election will open 9 July 2014 and close 26 September 2014; results will be announced in October 2014 at the Annual Business Meeting in Tucson, Arizona, USA, during FiO/LS 2014.

Candidates for Vice President (1 will be elected)

Thomas L. Koch, University of Arizona, USA
Eric Mazur, Harvard University, USA

Candidates for Director at Large (3 will be elected)

Jay M. Eastman, University of Rochester, USA
Amy Eskilson, Inrad Optics, USA
Juerg Leuthold, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
José R. Salcedo, ATLA Lasers, Norway
Martin Seifert, Nufern, USA
Lluis Torner, Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Spain