Post Doctoral Assignment

Resources for Finding Post-Doctoral
Assignments & Internships

There are many Web resources to help you find a post-doctoral and internship position. Listed below are some sites you may want to explore.

OSA welcomes your suggestions for additions to this list. Please email to share your recommendations.

Post Doctoral Web Sites
Career Web Sites
Fellowships & Internships

Post-Doctoral Web Sites

Global Search Engines

  • National Research Council – Postdoctoral and senior research awards are sponsored by thirty federal laboratories at over one hundred locations in the United States and overseas.
  • – Provides helpful information concerning the application and interview process for post-doctorate positions as well as academic and nonacademic science careers.
  • – Brings together recent Ph.D.s, and professors, research institutions as well as other employers to find a good match for post-doctoral positions.

North America


Career Web Sites

The following sites often include post-doctoral and internship opportunities. 


  • – Optical Society of America-hosted career Web site featuring optics and photonics positions worldwide.
  • – Lists science, research, and academic positions in the United Kingdom and abroad.
  •  - Job postings in optics, photonics, nanotechnology, lasers, fibers, and semi-conductors.
  • Science Careers - American Association for the Advancement of Science-hosted job site covering a broad range of science job postings.
  • – Searchable listing of science positions in academia and the industrial sector.


  •  - American Astronomical Society-hosted job register featuring post-doctoral opportunities.

Biomedical Engineering


Engineering & Science

  • - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers-hosted career Web site.
  • - A repository of engineering job postings found on career Web sites/search engines, associations, and newspapers.
  • - National Society of Professional Engineers-hosted career Web site.  Also features information on salaries and licensing.


  • -  Career Web site specializing in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology opportunities.


  • - American Institute of Physics-hosted Web site featuring full-time and post-doctoral listings.
  • - Features internships and full-time positions jobs in the United Kingdom.

Fellowships & Internships