What is Applied Industrial Optics?

By Gary Miller, US Naval Research Laboratory, USA | Posted: 5 May 2016

Applied Industrial Optics (AIO) is a unique conference where industrial professionals are asked to speak about their work, which typically is never published, unless as a patent. While many industrial societies have conferences that approach this format, the Optics and Photonics industry typically only has trade shows, such as CLEO and Photonics West. For industrial participants, these events are focused on the exhibition floor and the technical program is ancillary. AIO, this 25 - 28 July 2016 in Heidelberg, Germany as part of the Imaging and Applied Optics Congress, shifts that paradigm focusing instead on the technical program.

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Cool Materials: Day 4 of AIO 2015

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 17 June 2015

Chauncey Graetzel presents


The final day of AIO 2015 kicked off with the 'Cool Materials' session. Chauncey Graetzel (Optotune Switzerland AG, USA) presented the technology behind 'Tunable Lenses, Miniature Laser Speckle Reducers and their Applications to Innovative Optical Systems'. The Optotune approach provides compact zoom and focus at high speeds and low dispersion compared to electrowetting tunable technologies. Chauncey described applications of this technology, such as the use of tunable lens for laser engraving, 3D marking, for axial focusing in microscopy and in opthalmology.

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Optics in detecting threats, patents and more: AIO Day 3

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 11 June 2015

Derryck Reid presents


Derryck Reid (Heriot-Watt University, UK) opened Day 3 at the Joint Session with LS&C and AIO with a presentation on his work in the area of 'Chemical Sensing Using Broadband Mid-IR Femtosecond OPOs'. Femtosecond OPOs offer high spatial and spectral brightness, good spatial coherence, and are efficient and robust. Derryck described the application of these sources in Fourier Transform IR (FTIR) Spectroscopy for single-point stand-off chemical sensing.

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What you can do with spectroscopy and more - AIO Day 2

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 10 June 2015

Thomas Tague presents


Thomas Tague (Brucker Optics Inc, USA) opened the first Applied Industrial Optics session on Day 2 - Dr Photon to the Rescue - with a talk on 'Novel Applications of Molecular Spectroscopy to Heritage and Biomedical Fields of Study'. Thomas described the in-situ analyses of graffiti pigments in rock paintings at Hueco Tanks State Park using Raman and X-Ray Fluorescence techniques, and the application of Surface Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectroscopy (SERRS) for single molecule detection, a technique which is ~1000 times more sensitive than standard fluorescence techniques.

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Applied Industrial Optics Day 1

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 9 June 2015

Dominic Murphy opening remarks

The first session of AIO 2015 - 'Flutonics Palooza' - was opened by Dominic Murphy (Pie Photonics Ltd, Ireland) with a talk titled 'Optical Wavefront Interferometry - Evolution, Challenges and Opportunities'. Dominic spoke on the challenges facing detection systems regarding information (throughput, sensitivity) and form (simplicity, size), and the advantages, such as robustness, stability and verstility, offered by Pie's optical wavefront interferometry solution.

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11 Reasons to Love the Applied Industrial Optics Meeting

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 4 June 2015

The countdown to the meeting begins!

 Countdown to applied industrial optics

Eleven – Actually there are twelve sessions scheduled during AIO 2015, featuring 22 invited and 9 contributed talks. Short videos from AIO 2015 industrial sponsors will be shown in the meeting room before and after each session. The Congress Joint Poster Session with over 40 posters is on Tuesday, 19:00 - 20:30.

Ten – Stops from the nearest subway station (Crystal City) to the Smithsonian on the Blue Line. If you have a few hours to spare, immerse yourself in Washington DC’s wealth of museums. Founded in 1846, the Smithsonian is the world's largest museum and research complex. Best of all: Smithsonian Museums are free.

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Emerging Applied Imaging Technologies at AIO

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 14 May 2015

The sessions at this year's AIO meeting feature emerging technologies.

New this year, AIO is hosting Joint Sessions with two topical meetings: Adaptive Optics (AO) and Application of Lasers for Sensing and Free Space Communication (LS&C).

At the time of writing, two invited speakers are confirmed for the AIO-AO Joint Session. Jaeyoun Kim (Iowa State University) will present on "The Promise of Highly Deformable Soft Optics". Soft, MEMS-based, deformable optical devices are catching up with more traditional rigid materials, in both precision and repeatability of manufacturing. Their dynamic reconfigurability has immense potential in previously challenging optical applications. Anthony Grbic (University of Michigan) will speak about "Wavefront and Polarization Control with Metasurfaces". Metasurfaces, aka two-dimensional, less-lossy metamaterials, have a wide range of potential applications in electromagnetics, including beam manipulation and polarization control.

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A Conversation with Dr. Michele Ostraat, AIO 2015 Keynote

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 4 May 2015

Dr. Michele Ostraat


Dr. Michele Ostraat is the Downstream Research Center Leader for Aramco Research Center-Boston and the Applied Industrial Optics 2015 Keynote Speaker. She will present on "Optical Materials and Systems for Nondestructive Testing in the Oil and Gas Industry."


Dr Ostraat, thank you for participating in this interview. To start, can you give me a brief history of your background, and how you arrived at Aramco? 

I earned my B.S. degree in Chemistry from Trinity University and then my Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology. Following graduate school, I was a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs and Agere Systems where I examined the synthesis of rare-earth doped aerosol nanoparticles and investigated the behavior of chalcogenide phase change materials. I then moved to DuPont’s Experimental Station where I worked in aerosol synthesis and characterization of sub-micron and nanoparticles for advanced electronic applications. More recently, I was Senior Director of the Center for Aerosol and Nanomaterials Engineering at RTI International where I led scientific teams developing products and applications for aerosols and nanomaterials for energy and health-related technologies.

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The lowdown on emerging technologies at Applied Industrial Optics 2015

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 2 April 2015

Applied Industrial Optics (AIO) 2015 is set to take place June 7-11, 2015 in Arlington, VA. I’m excited to be back blogging my experience as an AIO attendee and also, for the first time, as a Program Chair.

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