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Three Simple Steps to Networking Sucess at AIO 2014

THREE STEPS TO NETWORKING SUCCESS1) "The Approach." In a panel session say, "I have a question and I would like your thoughts." In this manner you are showing the panelist that you value his/her opinion.  During informal networking, approach a group and say "May I join you?" Remember, networking is about meeting new people. They want to meet...

Added: 16 Jun 2014

CLEO:2014 -- The fractal conference

The great thing is that since several talks (almost all the plenaries and invited talks, and many contributed talks) are available as recordings, the clashes in sessions aren’t worrying me as much as they normally do. Nothing beats being able to hear it live and to be able to chat with the speaker. But the papers can be downloaded from the OSA opticsinfobase website up to 1 week in...

Added: 11 Jun 2014

Nanophotonics at CLEO:2014

Titanium Nitride (TiN) as a new material for thermophotovotaics To enhance the efficiency of thermo-photovoltaics, the amount of unusable photons that are lost (with energy photon lower than the bandgap of the photovoltaics) needs to be minimized, while the operational temperatures needs to be kept high (~1500°C) to enhance the power output, thus the emitter needed to convert...

Added: 10 Jun 2014

Focus on Google Glass at Applied Industrial Optics

Moore’s conjectures have held (for the most part); now phones are smaller, lighter and take better photos than my Dad’s old SLR. And now we've moved on to the era where we don't even need our hands on a keyboard: case in point, wearable technology.  The world wide web is not only at your fingertips – it’s right in front of your eyes. In 2013, Google released...

Added: 28 May 2014

Perspective views from Industry & Government on Nanophotonics

The second day of the Nanophotonic Devices Incubator, representatives from industry and government shared several perspectives on nanophotonic devices. Any novel devices have to undergo the test of the market demand. What are the current trends and future bottlenecks in high-performance photonic integrated circuits? The talks were given by Frederick Kish, Infinera Corporation, and by Jung Park,...

Added: 16 May 2014

Fundamental and Physical Limitations of Opto-electronic Devices

The ever-growing demand for larger integration density, higher bandwidth and lower power consumption has made photonics as one of the key drivers in global data communications. The success and ongoing trend of nanophotonic anticipates a photonic roadmap leading to ultracompact photonic integrated components and circuits. The so-called nanophotonics is the study of light behavior on a nanometer...

Added: 15 May 2014

Some counterintuitive lessons learned from the OSA BIOMED meeting

1. You don’t need a nice objective to achieve sub-micron optical resolutionIn my lab, we are rather protective of our low magnification, high NA, long working distance microscope objectives.  These objectives cost tens of thousands of dollars, but it’s hard to beat them when you want to acquire high-resolution, 10 megapixel images.  However, on the last day of...

Added: 06 May 2014

What’s New in Applied Optics Research? AIO 2014

I am attending this meeting as an AIO committee member and as a postdoc researcher in applied optics and imaging. In my role on the committee, I have come to know first-hand the quality of the invited and submitted papers, and the enthusiasm of the Conference Chairs and OSA in organizing this conference. AIO is a topical meeting, part of the Imaging and Applied Optics Congress...

Added: 05 May 2014

Seeing the blood flow that helps us see

Both Arno Bouwens, in the lab of Prof. Theo Lasser at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, and Richard Hainl, in the lab of Prof. Christoph Hitzenberger at the Medical University of Vienna, presented some intriguing new approaches of using optical coherence microscopy to measure mean blood flow in blood vessels in mouse brain and retina, respectively. Such non-invasive approaches could...

Added: 30 Apr 2014

Optical Tomographers Beware!

1                Guggenheim, J. A., Basevi, H. R., Styles, I. B., Frampton, J. & Dehghani, H. Quantitative surface radiance mapping using multiview images of light-emitting turbid media. Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, image science, and vision 30, 2572-2584, doi:10.1364/JOSAA.30.002572 (2013).

Added: 30 Apr 2014