October 2017

The Importance of Science Communication

By Aaron Blanchard, Emory University, USA | Posted: 11 October 2017

Science communication plays an increasingly important role in our society, but today’s PhD students have few formal training opportunities. The Communicating Science workshop for graduate students, formally known as ComSciCon, was created to help fill this gap by teaching science communication skills to graduate students from across a wide variety of scientific disciplines in an intensive four-day experience. ComSciCon is nonprofit and student-run, organizing workshops on both the national and local level. At these workshops, students convene with science communication experts and learn via a combination of hands-on creative activities, panels, and small-group and one-on-one discussions. The workshop is funded by a combination of academic entities (MIT, Harvard, UC-Boulder), scholarly societies (AAS, ACS, and OSA) and media organizations (Institute of Physics publishing, Science, astrobites, and HHMI Tangled Bank studios). At the national workshop, all 50 students’ travel and housing was fully funded to promote a more inclusive representation.

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Day 2: Small Eyes & Smart Minds Incubator

By Sandra A. Gutierrez Razo, University of Maryland | Posted: 6 October 2017

Yesterday during the Small Eyes & Smart Minds “Sensors & Systems” session experts discussed novel imaging techniques and hardware. 

The remainder of the Incubator showcased some human-centric imaging applications and discussed processing solutions. 

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Day 1: OSA Small Eyes & Smart Minds Incubator

By Sandra A. Gutierrez Razo, University of Maryland | Posted: 5 October 2017

The Small Eyes & Smart Minds Incubator is all about new imaging techniques, the computational work that makes them possible and the exciting applications this work can engender.

The hosts of this Incubator, Rama Chellappa, University of Maryland; Francisco Imai, Apple, Inc.; and A
shok Veeraraghavan, Rice University are seeking fundamental advances and new solutions to problems that are moving targets as consumer and industry demand for imaging increases. 

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