March 2017

Boston University Celebrates International Women's Day

By Michelle Sander, 2017 OSA Ambassador, Boston University, USA | Posted: 29 March 2017

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the success women have achieved by empowering each other and have an opportunity to advocate for gender parity. Especially for women in Optics and STEM fields where women are unfortunately still underrepresented, this marks a special occasion to come together and express support, encouragement and inspiration to each other. On Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at Boston University, this spirit shone through brightly as students throughout various stages in their undergraduate and graduate studies, post-doctoral fellows and faculty, female and male, all gathered together wearing something red for a picture in the Photonics Center Lobby. It was a wonderful testimony of how far we have come in our journey towards diversity and equality and reminded us that collectively we can strive towards further increasing female representation in optics. 


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Applied Industrial Optics 2017 (AIO) - Chair Dr. Arlene Smith shares her thoughts on the meeting.

By Sogol Borjian, Ph.D | Posted: 28 March 2017

What do you think makes AIO meeting a remarkable meeting? 
The program is mostly invited talks, which enables the Committee to focus on enabling leaders in the field to share their knowledge. The Committee members display great dedication in working to make the meeting the best...

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Traveling Lecturer: Learning Beyond the Lab

By Lund University OSA Student Chapter, Sweden | Posted: 2 March 2017

Antigone presented her 'skill bill' lecture about the importance of developing additional skills during your education and career in order to further it. The reasons and the way of furthering were not the classical idea of financial gain or prestige but more about your personal best and what you as individuals would be happiest doing as well as how to further the quality of the work. 

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Traveling Lecturer: Meeting Dr. Sorger

By UArk Laserbacks Chapter, USA | Posted: 2 March 2017

The Traveling Lecturer Program through our OSA Student Chapter (UArk Laserbacks) was a great success. Dr. Sorger's visit was productive, as he was able to spend time meeting various professors and students throughout the University of Arkansas Physics Department, and his talk was very relevant and interesting to many researchers on campus. Students and faculty also benefitted from the chance to meet with Volker after the scheduled lecture in a more casual setting, as we took him out to dinner that evening. We appreciate this networking opportunity and future ones provided by OSA.

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