October 2016

The Next Hundred Years of Light: Seeing Far Further into the Universe

By Jeff Hecht | Posted: 31 October 2016

Theoretical physicist and futurist, Dr. Michio Kaku envisioned light carrying human consciousness across the galaxy in his Light the Future keynote talk at Frontiers in Optics, the annual meeting of The Optical Society in Rochester, New York, USA on 20 October 2016. A panel of seven Nobel Laureates followed Kaku's presentation. The Laureates looked at to a bright future on Earth as enabled by optics. Both agreed that the developers of LIGO deserve a Nobel Prize for their observation of gravitational waves, validating a prediction that made by Albert Einstein a hundred years ago, in the year that OSA was born in Rochester. 

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Night of the Stars (Noche de las Estrellas)

By Chapter Interdisciplinary Optics | Posted: 28 October 2016

In August 12th, hundreds of people from our city joined the biggest astronomy event in the region, Night of the Stars - Pereira. The OSA Student Chapter of Chapter Interdisciplinary Optics participated in the LOC team and in various activities to expose the general public to science.

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Coming Back to the Down Under

By Chad Husko, Argonne National Laboratory | Posted: 26 October 2016

​Hey there!
This is the third in a series of blog posts I’m writing throughout 2016 in my role as OSA Ambassador. You can find earlier posts on visits to Barcelona and Quebec.
In this post I will discuss a recent trip Down Under to attend the OSA Photonics and Fiber Technology conference in Sydney. I worked at the University of Sydney for four years, so this was a bit of a homecoming for me.

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Playing with Light

By OSA Student Chapter Torino | Posted: 7 October 2016

The OSA Student Chapter Torino, on September 30th 2016, started the TOP-LUX initiative in the framework of the European Researcher’s Night 2016. The TOP-LUX (TOrino Photonics – Leveraging YoUth eXcellence) initiative, with which the OSA Student Chapter Torino aims at creating a series of educational events among schools of the Piemonte region, followed by a contest between them for educational projects related to Optics and Science. 

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OPTO-Meeting 2016

By Gdańsk University of Technology OSA Student Chapter | Posted: 7 October 2016

The OPTO-Meeting 2016 was held at Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland, between 6th-9th July 2016. There were 84 participants from 6 countries: students, young researchers, and professors. The organizing committee consisted of: Aleksandra Wieloszyńska, Agnieszka Szreder, Aleksandra Kamińska, Wojciech Den, Anna Sękowska, Michał Trojanowski, Mateusz Ficek, Maciej Wróbel. Our sponsors were: OSA, SPIE, ASTE, OptiNav, Inntec, Olympus, Gdańsk University of Technology and others. Thanks to funding from OSA – Centennial Special Events Grant, it was possible to reduce conference fee, to organize some extra networking events, and to finance more awards for the best presentations. The program was packed tight with numerous events. 

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Running Our Own Conference

By University of Aveiro OSA Student Chapter | Posted: 7 October 2016

In July, the University of Aveiro OSA Student Chapter fully organized, for the first time, a two days’ conference. In fact, it is not the first time our Student Chapter participates in the organization of an event, but always in collaboration with other Chapters or other persons. This time, the organization was entirely our responsibility. The conference, which was called ‘OptoFusion – Conference on Optics in Industry’, took place at Instituto de Telecomunicações, in Aveiro, and was a celebration in Portugal of the 100 years of The Optical Society (OSA) and, at the same time, joined academy and industry in turn of a single objective. 

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Waves and Structured Materials

By University of North Carolina - Charlotte | Posted: 6 October 2016

On June 3rd 2016, a large number of optics faculty, students and industry leaders descended on UNC Charlotte for a special one-time workshop on “Waves and Structured Materials”. The workshop was designed to be informal and allow plenty of time for discussion and networking with those who attended.

The keynote invited speakers were Dr. Phil Russell, Max Planck Institute who spoke on “The Multi-Faceted World of Photonic Crystal Fibers”; Dr. David Smith, Duke U. “Metamaterials and Metasurfaces: Emerging Opportunities for Controlling Light with Structured Media”; Dr. Warren Warren, Duke U. “From diagnosing melanoma to saving cultural heritage: how nonlinear optical imaging transforms the world” Dr. Greg Gbur, UNC Charlotte, “PT Symmetry in Optics”; Dr. Jacob Khurgin, Johns Hopkins University, “New Plasmonic Materials”.

The workshop began with an overview of the Charlotte Research Institute (CRI) by its Director, Dr. Bruce LaMattinna, and a presentation by Navid Farahi, OSA Student Chapter President, which highlighted the many events and outreach achievements this very active chapter had accomplished during the prior 12 months. Notably, the Chapter won the UNCC award for the best student organization on campus, from more than 200, because of its accomplishments and strong leadership. The student chapter and all of those attending this workshop are extremely grateful to OSA for its constant support for the student chapter and for its generosity in supporting this very rewarding event. We would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate OSA on its 100 years as a professional society promoting optics and supporting the optics community.

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