March 2016

Learning From Our Peer

By State University of Aerospace Instrumentation | Posted: 1 April 2016

The lecture started with an introduction from St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation OSA chapter president, Vasily Kazakov. He talked about the research group from the department of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communications and their outreach activities. Then he gave the floor to Arseny Zhdanov, PhD student of University of South Florida, who started his presentation with overview of OSA, membership benefits, published journals and organized conferences. The main part of his lecture covered his experience as a PhD student in the United States, trending research topics, and innovative approaches. He also pointed out that a student membership from OSA can definitely professional help students early in their career.

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Sharing My Experience With Others

By Enkeleda Balliu, Mid Sweden University | Posted: 25 March 2016

Amazed from the flow of students on bicycle and the majesty of Thermotechnical Institute immerse into the Arenberg park … this was the start of the marvelous experience as a Traveling Lecturer at OSA/SPIE Student Chapter at KU Leuven.

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OIDA Workshop on Integrated Photonics High Volume Packaging

By Rebecca Andersen | Posted: 20 March 2016

Progress continues on the design and clean room fabrication of integrated photonics, and companies have commercialized products based on integrated photonics on both the InP and silicon platforms.  There is growing awareness that the chip fabrication is less of a barrier to commercialization, and attention is increasingly turning to the cost of the overall package. This cost includes the bill of materials of the package itself, the amortized cost of assembly tools, and labor. Addressing the cost requires an examination of the entire ecosystem, from the chip design and fabrication to the assembly and surrounding electronics.

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Enrich Your Understanding of Science & the Light

By OSA Student Chapter at Zhejiang University | Posted: 16 March 2016

After long-term exploration and unremitting efforts, we have built cooperation with the local school, Hangzhou Changhe High School. In order to expand our chapter's influence and bring benefits to more students, this year, we established contact with two new partners, Chaoshan Central Primary School and local Youth Homes. During these activities, we taught the students some knowledge of optics and shared the optical applications in our daily life by slides and experiments with optics suitcase. Students were positive to participate in the experiments with the help of our members. Books of optics stories were carefully chosen for these students as gifts. Competitions of optical knowledge were hold aiming to encourage more students to learn more by themselves. More than 40 members of our chapter participate in the Youth education activities and more than 800 students are impacted. 

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