July 2016

Applied Industrial Optics Day 4

By Sogol Borjian Borojeni | Posted: 29 July 2016

The final day of AIO 2016 kicked off with...

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Applied Industrial Optics Day 3

By Sogol Borjian Borojeni | Posted: 28 July 2016

Day 3 started with...

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Making the unimaginable possible.

By Sogol Borjian | Posted: 27 July 2016

AIO Young Professional, Sogol Borjian, interviews Nicole Reader about the intersection of fashion and optics. Ms Reader is an invited speaker at AIO 2016.

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Applied Industrial Optics Day 2

By Sogol Borjian Borojeni | Posted: 27 July 2016

The first session of AIO on Day 2, “ID Photonically”, was opened by...

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Applied Industrial Optics Day 1

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 25 July 2016

OSA’s Imaging and Applied Optics Congress kicked off with the...

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Successful meeting in Vancouver. Looking forward to seeing you in Advanced Photonics 2017 in New Orleans.

By Howard Lee | Posted: 25 July 2016

It is great to attend a meeting with specific focus on certain topics as Advanced Photonics, since it is... 

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Working In Optics

By Aline Dinkelaker, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Posted: 25 July 2016

The career event “Working in Optics in Berlin” took place on 15 June at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and was funded by the OSA Ambassador Program. It was organized by Aline Dinkelaker, OSA Ambassador, and the student chapter BerlinOptik. More than 80 participants registered to attend the event, with participants from each of the three universities in Berlin as well as from other cities. 

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Exposing Science to Those All Around

By Oxford Optics and Photonics Student Society (OxOPS) | Posted: 19 July 2016

The Oxford Optics and Photonics Society (OxOPS) joined forces with the Oxford Hands-on-Science (OxHOS) society to realise an unprecedented Science roadshow in the UK. A tour in Oxfordshire (first week) and South Wales (second week) visiting schools and public venues with plenty of Science experiments was carried out with massive success! Thanks to the OSA Centennial Special Events Grant, the total cost of this big event running through two weeks, several locations, with many volunteers and plenty of enthusiasm was totally fundraised; this in turn allowed the whole event to run as planned, and even better. OxHOS, also a student society at Oxford University, was leading the activity and raised most of the money. They were in charge of the administration processes and the coordination of over 80 volunteers including all the members of our OSA chapter. The whole setup included demonstrations on all the fields of science: from Kiwi DNA, fruit batteries, blood pressure, membrane vibrations, air convection, to the dynamo, conservation of angular momentum and, of course, very cool optical experiments; all together in the same rooms or street with plenty of interested public, mostly children. 

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Keeping a Tradition

By New England Section of OSA | Posted: 19 July 2016

Each year the NES/OSA participates in several outreach events to demonstrate the role optics plays in everyday life. Sharing knowledge of optics applications has been an ongoing effort since the mid-1970s evolving over time. Our current approach is to join public STEM EXPOs and Science Fairs. Massachusetts has a statewide system of science fairs split into six regions. Each region hosts middle and high school fairs with winners eligible to compete in the annual statewide fairs. The local section provides funding to each fair to cover overhead and prizes, and attended 3 fairs with optics demonstrations. 

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Capture Science

By University of Otago | Posted: 19 July 2016

We ran a community photo competition called “Capture Science - Earth, Space and Weather” as a sequel to the IYL “Luminescence” photo competition, where we asked entrants to explore the science of the incredible world around us through a photo and accompanying caption explaining the underlying scientific concept(s). Almost 200 entries were received across four age categories, coming from all over the Otago/Southland region. The winning entries were then displayed for one week in an exhibition at the Otago Museum, as part of the New Zealand Science Festival. 

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Advanced Photonics Conference in Vancouver

By Howard Lee | Posted: 19 July 2016

Advanced Photonics 2016 - Vancouver, Canada - Day 1 

I am attending Advanced Photonics in Vancouver. I was also at the past Advanced Photonics Conference in Boston 2015 but this year is really special as ....

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A Gaze at the Moon

By Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi OSA Student Chapter | Posted: 15 July 2016

During Science Week, along with the “Instituto de Investigación en Comunicación Óptica” (IICO) and the Science Faculty we carried out various activities related to the centennial of The Optical Society.
Our OSA chapter organized an astronomical night and a telescope workshop with the participation of children, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as teachers of the Institute. The activity consisted of a conversation about astronomy and radio-astronomy by Astrophysical Hugo Jasso, which ended with the observation of the Moon and a dinner (pizza).
This activity took place on Tuesday 18 April, starting with the talk of Astronomy at 19:00 hours followed by the telescopes workshop from 20:00 to 21:30 and ending with the observation of the moon at 21:30 and dinner following, the telescopes elaborated in the workshop were used.

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Creating the Next Generation of Curious Minds

By Chapter CICESE | Posted: 15 July 2016

The CICESE OSA student chapter organized an event where the main purpose was to make science in general and optics in particular seem less intimidating and more approachable. Different local elementary schools were invited to CICESE on June 10 and June 17 and more than 75 elementary kids attended the event between these two dates. The participants received lectures given by members of the CICESE student chapter, and observed interactive experiments meant to show and explain different optics phenomena and concepts in an accessible manner for young children. The kids were curious and inquisitive throughout the event, and accompanying teachers gave very good feedback on the event in general, noting the importance of making children see the influence of science in everyday life.

We would like to OSA for awarding us a Centennial Special Events Grant to make this event possible.

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AIO Co-Founder and 2016 Program Chair, Dr Jess V. Ford, shares his thoughts on the AIO meeting.

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 14 July 2016

AIO will stretch your mind about photonics applications and help you develop a network of friends that will help you overcome any hurdle in taking your technology from the lab bench to the marketplace.  We also have the best after conference parties and discussions.

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Life after ICFO: A PhD is Not Enough

By Institut de Ciències Fotòniques (ICFO) Student Chapter | Posted: 5 July 2016

On June 2nd 2016, the ICONS student chapter hosted Prof.Giovanni Volpe (Assistant Professor, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey) a former ICFOnian as a part of OSA´s Ambassador and Traveling Lecturer Programs. The visit of Professor Volpe was beneficial in multiple ways. Being a former ICFOnian, Professor Volpe was able to gives us first-hand experience about life after a PhD in photonics from our institute. His talk titled: 'Life after ICFO: A PhD is Not Enough’ gave us a detailed account of his career after ICFO and how a career does not always have to be a perfectly predictable sequence and how sometimes changing fields can be fruitful. It was encouraging to know that his involvement in outreach and other student chapter activities has helped him in the long run.

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Traveling Around India

By Arti Agrawal, City University | Posted: 5 July 2016

I had the opportunity to travel to India as a travelling lecturer in April. In visiting 3 cities and several chapters (holding joint events) I had some amazing experiences. 

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Going Back Where It All Began

By Giovanni Volpe, University of Gothenburg | Posted: 5 July 2016

On June 2-3 2016, I have visited the OSA Student Chapter at ICFO - the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, Spain. I was hosted by the Vice-President of the Student, Kavitha Kalavoor, and I had the opportunity to meet several of the other Officers of the Student Chapter.

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