December 2016

Escaping The Weather To Learn More About Optics

By University of Oregon OSA Chapter | Posted: 14 December 2016

The University of Oregon Student Chapter of the OSA lit up the University of Oregon campus on Saturday, December 3rd for the first ever Optics Holiday Bash. Student members organized an outreach event to celebrate The Optical Society’s 100th anniversary in 2016 with funding from the Centennial Special Events Grant. The purpose of the outreach activity was to engage the community by having them actively participate and learn about the applications of optics in the past 100 years. Schools in the Eugene, Springfield and Bethel districts were sent a copy of the flyer and the event was published in local community calendars. An advertisement was placed in the Register Guard to encourage folks of all backgrounds to join in. People of all ages had the opportunity to interact with several light and optics demos, enter the dark room to learn more about light, and watch a live chemistry show. All children attendees were given a raffle ticket to win one of eight optics kits and a light-up OSA 100th Anniversary pin. The primary location of this event was hosted in Willamette Hall Atrium, a stunning open space decorated with sculptures and designs representing physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. 

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Day 2 of the Future Microscopy Incubator

By Ivo Leite, University of Dundee, UK | Posted: 14 December 2016

After settling in for day two of the Future Microscopy Incubator, the participants were divided into two groups for breakout discussions. For two hours, each group discussed the challenges and strategic aims to make future techniques in microscopy either “Faster & Smaller” or “Broader & Deeper.” By the end of the morning, the participants reconvened to present their conclusions from each breakout session.

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Stereoptics: a 3D-OSA

By Universidad de Valladolid Physics League | Posted: 13 December 2016

‘Stereoptics: a 3D-OSA’ was born as an attempt to make an interactive and attractive workshop to show different ideas: stereoscopic vision, linear and circular polarization, and 3D-cinema technologies. With this main target, we developed a workshop where different notions were explained in order to build a whole story about light perception, visual optics and polarization. We divided the workshop in two parts - first was an introduction of the main notions and the second part was the construction of a 3D projection system of photo and video.

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Sir David Payne on the Power of Light

By Rebecca B. Andersen | Posted: 13 December 2016

OSA’s Centennial Light the Future speaker series concluded with Photonics India in Kanpur on 5 December 2016.  Professor Sir David Payne gave a special presentation dedicated to the Guglielmo Marconi and Charles Kao. Nobel prize winners 100 years apart, Marconi (1909) and Kao (2009) moved optical communications forward in ways yet to be imagined during their time. Payne’s Light the Future presentation sought to honor their impact on photonics and describe how the optical fiber empower the technologies of tomorrow.

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OSA Incubator Explores the Future of Microscopy at the Royal Society, Edinburgh

By Ivo Leite, University of Dundee, UK | Posted: 13 December 2016

The first international OSA Incubator - Future Microscopy: Merging Adaptive & Computational Imaging - took place today at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland, under the stern gaze of the nearby statue of James C. Maxwell. This meeting aims at discussing the future and challenges of emerging adaptive and computational imaging techniques in modern microscopy.


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Engaging CCNY with Photons

By Yang Yue, Juniper Networks | Posted: 9 December 2016

On December 5th, I visited the OSA City College of New York (CCNY) Student Chapter in New York, USA. The visit was hosted by CCNY OSA Student Chapter advisor Professor Robert Alfano, president Nicholas Proscia. Furthermore, I had the great opportunity to had 1:1 meetings with professors Robert Alfano, and Vinod Menon before and after my talk. We shared the latest academic/industrial trend during these meetings.

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"Ask Me Anything” and They Did! Light in a Twist with Miles Padgett, University of Glasgow

By Miles Padgett | Posted: 7 December 2016

I am often asked to give presentations around the world describing the work of my team on orbital angular momentum. A first for me was participating in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” with The Optical Society and its members. Questions ranged from my research, to professional development and career changes. 

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Branching Out and Making Connections

By Andrea Armani, University of Southern California | Posted: 6 December 2016

One of the main reasons that I pursued an academic position is my passion for mentoring and encouraging students in engineering and science. Unfortunately, the further that I progress in my career, the less time I have to spend time with students outside of my research group. Conferences can be very rushed, making it challenging to really connect with new colleagues. While Department seminars provide a solution for new faculty members, finding a similar alternative venue to meet students and post-docs is still a challenge.

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Celebrating the OSA Centennial with the Lightwave Roadshow

By University of Southampton Chapter | Posted: 6 December 2016

The Lightwave Roadshow is the University of Southampton chapter's student-led outreach education programme. The Roadshow traces its root back to 1998 when it was established to provide hands-on optics experiments for young children under the age of 10 in classes or fairs for families. More recently, the programme has expanded its scope to work with school pupils up to the age of 18, as well as with an adult audience to engage the public on our research in photonics and optoelectronics. In parallel, more and more student members from our chapter have been actively involved in the running of the programme, growing the number of events in which we could participate. The events and venues are diverse: from the traditional classrooms, school assembly halls and exhibitions on our university campus, to the more unusual venues such as pubs, cathedrals and international scientific conferences, we are exploring many ways to engage with different audiences to inform about the fundamentals and applications of photonics. In 2016, we worked with over 1,600 members of the general public and 1,083 pupils from 38 different schools in the South of England. 

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An Push For Photonics

By Michigan Technological University (MTU) Student Chapter of OSA | Posted: 1 December 2016

On 10 November 2016, the Michigan Technological University (MTU) Student Chapter of OSA hosted a campus-wide outreach event with invited speakers representing a broad range of career paths within the field of photonics. Attending students had the opportunity to interact one-on-one with industry contacts and academic researchers across multiple disciplines. Student resumes and CVs were furnished to those who presented in exchange for their time and information regarding their respective institutions.

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OSA ITS Goes to School (OIGoS)

By Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) OSA Student Chapter | Posted: 1 December 2016

OSA ITS Goes to School (OIGoS) is a new program from OSA ITS Student Chapter for high school students in Surabaya city. This successful program contains workshop program about some current and future development of optics/photonics that is specially designed for Senior High School student with interesting teaching ways and some optical devices experiments. We have successfully visited some schools from some targets such as Yapita Senior High School, Surabaya 20 Senior High School, IPIEMS School, Surabaya 3 Senior High School, Muhammadiyah 2 Senior High School, and Surabaya 21 Senior High School. 

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The Escaping Room

By Instituto de Óptica-CSIC Student Chapter | Posted: 1 December 2016

Instituto de Óptica-CSIC Student Chapter’s big activity this year was a new outreach workshop called “OPTICS IN THE WORLD”, which we designed and executed thanks to the OSA Centennial Special Events Grant. This was an outreach workshop consisting of a number of educational workshops and displays based in optics technology, as well as a recreational/learning activity called The Escaping Room. 


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Reaching Out to the Local Community Around Us

By London Local Section | Posted: 1 December 2016

To celebrate one hundred years of The Optical Society, the London Local Section launched an Optics Discovery Programme for London schools. Through our prior outreach work with the local community, we had identified that some schools lack resources to teach optics in an exciting and engaging way, which encouraged us to develop a new scheme to inspire teachers and students using the power of light. 


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Team Building Made Fun

By WrUST OSA Student Chapter | Posted: 1 December 2016

International Leadership Workshops was first opportunity for our chapter to start an international cooperation. We invited our friends from Riga, Latvia OSA and SPIE Student Chapter to come to our city - Wrocław to exchange ideas, experiences and strengthen partnership between our chapters. 

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Maze Runner

By Columbia University OSA Student Chapter | Posted: 1 December 2016

The Columbia OSA student chapter participated in the NY MakerFaire in Flushing, NY on October 1 and 2, 2016. This was the second time our chapter presented our Laser Maze exhibit at the two-day event, where Makers—Arduino and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts—demonstrate their scientific contraptions powered by those feisty lil’ micro-controllers. Our group built a ten-foot long PVC pipe construction of the maze. Equipped with lasers on one side and detectors on the other, kids of all ages roamed through the contraption in an effort to elude the light beams. 

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