September 2014

Bumper Sticker Wisdom for Optics & the Nobel Prize for Math

By Arti Agrawal | Posted: 17 September 2014

"When I grow up I want to be a Mercedes"

I read this on a bumper sticker of a small Maruti Suzuki car in India way back in the ‘80s. I thought it was cute and hilarious. I still do.

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Final Thoughts on AIO 2014....and the Best Talk Winner!

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | Posted: 17 September 2014

Some time has passed since another successful AIO, with 2014 seeing the meeting’s highest attendance to date.  Looking back over three and half days of sessioning, I have tried to select my favorite talks. I have narrowed the longlist down to two – the committee-voted Best Talk at AIO 2014, and a personal favorite.

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