Claudio Mazzali

OIDA Advisory Board and Council Chair

Claudio MazzaliClaudio Mazzali was appointed Business Technology Director, Optical Fiber in 2010. In this role, Mazzali leads the product and process development as well as some new business development initiatives for Corning Optical Fiber.

Mazzali joined Corning in 1999 at the Brazilian regional office as an optical communications specialist, and later became technical manager for Corning Optical Fiber in Latin America. In 2001, Mazzali was transferred to Corning, N.Y., where he assumed the position of strategic alliances manager, responsible for establishing partnerships and collaborations with system houses.

Mazzali has held multiple positions in Corning Optical Fiber including product line manager for high data-rate and submarine products, as well as the manager for the Global Market Development & Analysis team. More recently, Mazzali started the New Business & Technology Development group, whose mission is to expand ongoing initiatives in optical fiber innovation focusing on uncovering adjacent opportunities to support emerging applications.

Mazzali holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Gleb Wataghin Physics Institute at Unicamp, Brazil. He also attended the Tuck Global Leadership 2020 program and is a member of The Optical Society.