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2014 Student Chapter Recruitment Contest

The contest is closed.

OSA annually challenges student chapters to increase the number of participating students at their universities through the Recruitment Contest. The contest offers a $200 prize to the five chapters with the highest number of points. The contest measures changes in membership between the period of 1 February 2014 and 31 March 2014. Chapters may submit their Recruitment Contest Entry Form by 11 April but will only receive points for students who join within the contest period.

50 points for every 5% increase in OSA Student Members (both new recruits and current chapter members who are not yet OSA Student Members). OSA will verify the results via our database. To find out how many OSA Student Members are in your chapter on 1 February, please email Please note: the minimum starting number is 5 OSA Student Members.

50 points for submitting a TENTATIVE 2014 Chapter Plan with all of your ideas for activities for the year. It should include chapter meetings and conferences at which your chapter will be represented (make sure to include the Student Leadership Conference). Maximum of one plan per chapter.

50 points for submitting on one or two videos of a chapter event or testimonials of why members enjoy being a part of OSA. Maximum of two videos per chapter for 50 points each.

50 points for showing us a promotion item that your chapter has made using the student chapter logo or the OSA logo. This can be anything from a flyer to actual materials like pens and coffee mugs. Maximum of one item per chapter.

50 points for keeping your chapter website up to date. Don’t have one? Let us know and we will host one for you. Maximum of one website per chapter. Though we encourage the use of social media by chapters, Facebook and Twitter are not applicable for these points.

To enter the 2014 Recruitment Contest, please complete the Recruitment Contest Entry Form by 11 April 2014.