OSA Traveling Lecturer Program

OSA Traveling Lecturer Charles Falco delivering a lecture to OSA Student Members.
 The OSA Traveling Lecturer Program has concluded for 2015
Due to the high demand for this quality program and its limited funding we are no longer accepting applications for 2015. We encourage chapters and local sections to begin planning for 2016 and request a lecturer as soon as possible.

OSA Traveling Lecturer Program 2016

The OSA Traveling Lecturer Program provides funding for Student Chapters and Local Sections to host a guest speaker of their choosing annually. Invited lecturers must be members of OSA and the Traveling Lecturer Program to be eligible. Chapters and sections may search for a distinguished speaker through our Traveling Lecturer Directory.

How to Apply:

Step 1. The chapter or local section will complete a Traveling Lecturer Request Form through the OSA Grants Database.            

  • Must be 90 days prior to the proposed lecture date to ensure enough time for travel and confirmation.
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling bases throughout the year and granted as funding is available.

How the program works:

Step 1. OSA will send an invitation to the requested lecturer and host chapter or section once a request has been approved.
Step 2. Traveling lecturer agrees to participate* and OSA provides the traveling lecturer with a confirmation email outlining the travel and lodging process and expectations for the lecture.
Step 3. The chapter or local section contacts the lecturer to confirm all other event arrangements and details.
* If a lecturer does not agree to participate the chapter contact will work with the OSA staff to identify another lecturer to invite.

 Following the completion of the program:

Step 1. The chapter or local section is required to login to the OSA Grants Database to complete the follow up details.
  • Chapters who do not complete this step will be ineligible for this benefit the following year.
  • The chapter should send a "thank you" to the lecturer for giving of their time and providing an exceptional experience.
Become a Traveling Lecturer for OSA’s Centennial!
 Are you an OSA Member who is interested in traveling and providing student chapters and local sections technical and professional development lectures? As a traveling lecturer student chapters and local sections will be able to view your credentials and discussion topics.

Joining is as simple as updating your profile in “MY ACCOUNT” on OSA.ORG. Select “participation” and click “become a traveling lecture” You will then be asked to provide discussion topics and speaker credentials to assist chapters and local sections as they select a lecturer.
If you have any questions regarding these steps, please contact us by email: travelinglecturer@osa.org or by phone: +1 202.416.1915