About OSA Student Chapter Standing

If you have received a notification that your OSA Student Chapter is not in good standing because it does not meet the minimum membership requirement of five (5) OSA Student Members, don’t worry! Getting your chapter back to good standing is possible, and OSA will help you along the way.

Benefits affected by chapter standing:

How to become a chapter in good standing:

  1. Confirm which chapter members are OSA Student Members. Primary chapter officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) can login to MyAccount, select 'Student Chapter' and view the OSA Membership status of all chapter members.
  2. Encourage your friends and colleagues who are not already OSA Student Members to join OSA.
  3. Hold recruitment events to encourage new members to join your chapter, and ensure they join OSA too!
  4. Email chaptersandsections@osa.org with the names of current OSA Student Members to ensure they are being counted.
We’re here to help. Contact us with your questions or requests. 

Do you need help with recruitment?

OSA is happy to assist your chapter with this process. Email chaptersandsections@osa.org to:
  • Request a contact list of OSA Student Members at your university
  • Receive assistance in drafting a recruitment email to potential members
  • Obtain a recruitment event flyer template
OSA provides grants up to $300 per chapter each year to host a promotion or recruitment event. We encourage you to apply for a Chapter/Section Promotion or Recruitment Event Grant. 
Learn more and apply on the OSA website. Helpful grant application tips are also available online.

Keep in mind:

If you are able to bring your chapter back to good standing with five (5) OSA Student Members, you may want to consider recruiting more OSA Student Members to ensure you maintain good standing throughout the year.
The expiration of an individual’s OSA Student Membership is dependent upon when the individual joins OSA. Throughout the year, as individual memberships expire, it is important to note that your chapter’s standing may change from month to month.