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International OSA Network of Students (IONS)

The International OSA Network of Students (IONS) is a program that encourages student chapter members to organize and manage regional and online meetings that focus on technical and professional development content and networking.

Hosting an IONS event is a valuable (and fun) experience. In order to host a conference, you must have already attended one. Upcoming Conferences include:

IONS-NA 8 Montreal (25-27 May 2014)
IONS-15 Ankara (2-5 July 2014)

OSA support of IONS events includes:

  • Guest Lecturer Funding
  • Special Event Funding
  • Publicity/Marketing
  • Administrative Support
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IONS Resources:

IONS Application Form
IONS News and Information
OSA Staff
Sample Thank You Letter

Press Coverage:

OSA Student Members Gather in Sydney for IONS/KOALA Conference on Optics
OSA Student Members Gather in Armenia for IONS-Armenia/Yerevan Conference on Optics

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  • IONS-NA 8 Montreal (25-27 May 2014)
  • IONS-15 Ankara (2-5 July 2014)