Excellence Award 2014

Student Chapter and Local Section Excellence Award

OSA annually recognizes two Student Chapters and one Local Section for their extraordinary efforts in areas such as youth education outreach, technical programming or professional development. All OSA Student Chapters and Local Sections in good standing are eligible to apply.

The $1,000 USD prize can be used however the chapter or section deems appropriate.

It’s easy to enter! Submissions are due 1 September every year.
Competition is tough, so please spend time on your entry and provide quantifiable results if possible, e.g., number of attendees or young student participants. You are also encouraged to send pictures and other supplementary materials to chaptersandsections@osa.org; please provide this information in a single Word document or PDF.

All fields are required.


Excellence Awards:

Section/Chapter Programming

Section/Chapter can score up to 35 points. Please give a brief description of your section/chapter program, to include meeting calendar, special events and any publicity associated with your section activities.

Education Outreach

Section/Chapter can score up to 35 points for its education and outreach efforts. These may include school programs, cooperative events, Educator's Day and the Optics Suitcase.

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