Distinguished Susana Marcos

Minorities and Women in OSA

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Susana Marcos

Instituto de Optica, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), Madrid, Spain
OSA Member since: 1997
OSA Fellow since: 2009

Professional/personal highlights:

Fulbright and Human Frontier Science Postdoctoral Fellowships at Harvard University; Adolph Lomb Medal (Optical Society of America); ICO Prize (International Commission for Optics); European Optical Society Fellow; Optical Society of America Fellow; European Young Investigator Award; Youngest Appointed Full Professor at the Spanish Research Council (CSIC); Director of the Institute of Optics.

What is your advice for balancing one's professional and personal life?

Enjoy your research and profession and share the enjoyment with your colleagues, students, and family members.

Do you have suggestions for how female scientists support each other's career and development?

Be role models to female students, showing that professional success is compatible with having a family and rich personal life, supporting talented young female professionals and promoting gender equity initiatives.

Link for more information:

Physics | Professor of Research | Spain or view the pdf CV

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