Distinguished Natalia Litchinitser

Minorities and Women in OSA

Meet this female fellow

Natalia Litchinitser

University at Buffalo, the State University of New York, USA
OSA member since (year):  1994
OSA Fellow since: 2011

Professional/Personal Highlights:

I am an Assistant Professor at The State University of New York. My research interests include nonlinear optics, plasmonics and metamaterials, photonic bandgap structures, biological sensors, photovoltaics, fiber optics, and optical communications
I have a wonderful family that supports me (my parents, my husband Misha, 5-year old daughter Sasha, and our dachshund Panda)

What is your advice for balancing one’s professional and personal life?

Honestly, I am still trying to figure it out myself. Both things are equally important as long as they make you happy!

Do you have suggestions for how female scientists support each other’s careers and development?

Have more female scientists, supervise female students and encourage them to choose an academic career.

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