Distinguished Kathy Mullen

Minorities and Women in OSA 
Meet this female fellow

Kathy T. Mullen

McGill University, Canada
OSA Member since: 1980
OSA Fellow since: 2014

Professional/Personal Highlights: 

Started out as a Ph.D. student at Cambridge University, which was over 90% male in my field. I am the only female graduate student that my supervisor ever had. Became a University professor in a science field (Neuroscience) in Canada. Canada and McGill University have been very supportive of the advancement of women.

What is your advice for balancing one’s professional and personal life?

Flexible working hours, equal partnership with spouse, good quality day care, adapt working hours to the family whenever possible.
Do you have suggestions for how female scientists can support each other’s careers and development?

Be nice. Support other women. It’s not necessarily a competition!

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