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High-Average-Power Ultrafast Lasers

Thomas M. Spinka and Constantin Haefner

Recent advances in the average-power capabilities of lasers with petawatt peak powers are enabling new science and applications in industry, biomedicine and security. Continue Reading



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Coke, Light, Caustics, and a Pokemon Face?
Coke, Light, Caustics, and a Pokemon Face?
When a nearly empty plastic bottle of Coca-Cola is illuminated from above, the freeform lens that's created focuses light, forming fanciful caustics. A four-light lamp in the ceiling projected the pattern projected onto a white sheet of paper, and the pattern was shot using an iPhone. Do you see the face?

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Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 8 Issue 10, pp.4671-4686 (2017)
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Toward all-fiber supercontinuum spanning the mid-infrared

Optica, Vol. 4 Issue 10, pp.1163-1166 (2017)
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Spectral–temporal dynamics of high power Raman picosecond pulse using H2-filled Kagome HC-PCF

Optics Letters, Vol. 42 Issue 19, pp.3896-3899 (2017)
We report on the spectral–temporal characterization of a 1.8 μm wavelength and high power picosecond pulse Raman source. It is...

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