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A Diatom's Details
A Diatom's Details
This is a live image of the of diatom Arachnoidiscus. The picture shows the diatom's silicified cell wall, which forms a pillbox-like shell composed of overlapping halves that contain intricate and delicate markings. The picture was taken with the polychromatic polscope. An eye or camera can directly see the colored polarization image through the ocular with brightness corresponding to retardance and color corresponding to the slow axis azimuth. [Winner 2017 After Image photo contest.] 

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Ground Simulation Method for Arbitrary Distance Optical Transmission of a Free-Space Laser Communication System Based on an Optical Fiber Nanoprobe

Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 9 Issue 12, pp.1136-1144 (2017)
Simulation technologies for optical transmission are used to simulate the course of laser long-distance transmission in space and reception by a fr...

Interferometric synthetic aperture microscopy for extended focus optical coherence microscopy

Optics Express, Vol. 25 Issue 24, pp.30807-30819 (2017)
Optical coherence microscopy (OCM) is an interferometric technique providing 3D images of biological samples with micrometric resolution and penetr...

Automated multimodal spectral histopathology for quantitative diagnosis of residual tumour during basal cell carcinoma surgery

Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 8 Issue 12, pp.5749-5766 (2017)
Multimodal spectral histopathology (MSH), an optical technique combining tissue auto-fluorescence (AF) imaging and Raman micro-spectroscopy (RMS), ...

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