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High-Average-Power Ultrafast Lasers

Thomas M. Spinka and Constantin Haefner

Recent advances in the average-power capabilities of lasers with petawatt peak powers are enabling new science and applications in industry, biomedicine and security. Continue Reading



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White-light interference patterns
White-light interference patterns
Complimentary white-light interference patterns in an air thin film between two glass plates. One pattern is obtained by light reflection; the other one by transmission.

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Optica, Vol. 4 Issue 10, pp.1157-1162 (2017)
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Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 8 Issue 10, pp.4621-4628 (2017)
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1.8-THz-wide optical frequency comb emitted from monolithic passively mode-locked semiconductor quantum-well laser

Optics Letters, Vol. 42 Issue 19, pp.3872-3875 (2017)
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