Optical Molecular Probes, Imaging and Drug Delivery

02 - 05 April 2017
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, San Diego, California United States

Topic Categories

  • Optical visualization/detection of biomolecular processes and pathways
    • Photoacoustics and advanced microscopy techniques such as quantitative phase imaging, multiphoton, SHG, FRET, FLIM, SRS, pump-probe and CARS
  • Reporters and contrast agents for fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging: endogenous and exogenous
    • genetically introduced proteins
    • “smart” molecular probes
    • nanoparticle probes
  • Advanced optical molecular imaging instrumentation for assays and pre-clinical models of disease
  • Novel tools for image data analysis and reconstruction
  • Optical monitoring of specific delivery, localization, and action of drugs and contrast agents including PDT
  • Quantitative validation methods for optical molecular imaging
  • Multi-modal molecular imaging techniques
    • photoacoustics and combinations of optics with MRI, X-ray, radio-diagnostics
  • Clinical translation of optical molecular imaging, spectroscopy and image guided therapy