Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources (MICS)

27 October - 01 November 2013
Marriott Paris Rive Gauche Hotel and Convention Center, Paris, France

Scope and Topic Categories

The Mid-IR part of the spectra has become a region of increased emphasis in recent years. The mid IR spectral region is rich in spectroscopic finger prints of molecules which are used to identify pollutants, for chemical and medical diagnostics and for process control. The mid IR has also become important in military countermeasure applications. This meeting will present recent research into semiconductor sources (Principally Quantum cascade (QCL) and Interband cascade (ICL)) lasers emitting in the mid IR region as well as in the terahertz region, and will discuss frequency conversion techniques in semiconductors. The use of mid IR and Terahertz sources for remote sensing, spectroscopy, imaging, and Bio-medical applications will be presented.


Topics Categories

Research areas involving wavelengths close to and longer than 2 µm to THz range. The topics include, but are not limited to, mid-IR nonlinear and laser materials, mid-IR frequency conversion and laser sources, including OPOs, solid-state, fiber, and semiconductor sources, and applications:

  • Frequency Conversion in Mid-IR Lasers
  • Mid-IR Parametric Sources for Frequency Comb Generation
  • Mid-IR Semiconductor Materials
  • Mid-IR Semiconductor Lasers
  • Mid-IR Solid-state and Fiber Lasers, Ultrashort Pulse Lasers
  • Mid-IR Optically Pumped Semiconductor Lasers
  • Mid-IR and THz Quantum Cascade Lasers
  • Mid-IR THz Frequency Conversion Sources
  • Applications of Mid-IR and THz Sources in:
  • Remote Sensing and Imaging
  • Spectroscopy, Trace gas detection, Breath analysis
  • Laser Surgery, Biomedicine
  • Optical microscopy, Biophotonics