Plenary Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Latest Progress and Research Status of Ultra-high Intensity Lasers at SIOM

Xiaoyan Liang; Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM), China

Abstract: Based on technologies of chirped pulse amplification and optical parametric chirped pulse amplification, the peak power of petawatt femtosecond laser was upgraded. The hybrid scheme was confirmed to be an approach for ten patawatt laser.

Bio: Xiaoyan Liang is currently a professor in Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM), China. She received the B.S. degree in physics from Shanxi University in China in 1988, and the Ph.D. in Laser Optics in 2001 from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science. From 2001 to 2003 she was a postdoctoral fellow in department of physics, University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, where her research was on solid state lasers and widely tunable optical parametric oscillator. She joined SIOM in 2003, and her current research interests involve exploring of ultra-intense and ultra-fast petawatt lasers.

 Ultrafast Lasers with kW Class Output Power for Applications in Industry and Science

Reinhart Poprawe; Fraunhofer Institut, Germany

Abstract: INNOSLAB based ultrafast lasers with kW class average power and 10 kW class burst mode power enable various applications from high throughput materials processing to OPCPA drivers. Recent results on laser development and application are presented.

Bio: Prof. Dr. Reinhart Poprawe holds a M. A. in Physics degree from the California State University in Fresno which he received in 1977. After completion of his diploma and PhD in physics (Darmstadt 1984) he joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology in Aachen where he began working as head of the department „Laser oriented process development“ in 1985. From 1989 to 1/1996 he has been managing director of Thyssen Laser Technik GmbH in Aachen. Since February 1996 he is managing director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology and holds the University Chair for Laser Technology at the RWTH Aachen. Currently he is a member of the board in the AKL Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e. V. Aachen. Furthermore, he is a founding member of the company ACLAS Lasertechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH in Aachen. Prof. Poprawe has been elected to the grade of Fellow in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in USA (SME) since 1998. Since 2001 he is a member of the board of the Laser Institute of America (LIA) and serves in many national and international boards as advisor, referee or consultant. During the period of 09/2005 until 09/2008 he was Vice-Rector for Structure, Research and Junior Academic Staff. In 2006 he became Fellow of the Laser Institute of America LIA. Since 04/2008 he is Rectors delegate for the People’s Republic of China. In March 2014 he became Honorary Professor of Tsinghua University, China.