14th International Conference on Photonics and Imaging in Biology and Medicine

26 - 28 September 2017
Suzhou International Expo Centre, Suzhou, Jiang Su Province, Jiangsu China


Located in the main area of comprehensive business center in Suzhou, Suzhou International Expo Center (SuzhouExpo) is a complex of exhibitions, conferences, events, business service, catering and entertainment etc.

Suzhou International Expo Centre is a large exhibition complex, including exhibition and conference, accommodation and catering, cultural and arts, business travel and other services. It is situated at the core area of the city, which is China’s only Business Tourism Demonstration Base,closing to the Jinji Lake (the largest urban lake in China), 30 minutes drive away to Shanghai.. The centre has exhibition space at 100,000 ㎡, meeting space at 50,000 ㎡, 60 meeting rooms of different styles and with integrated facilities and Novotel Hotel SIP with 307 rooms where can be a lot of choices for catering, living, touring, shopping and entertaining. We promise you a better experience by providing perfect service and facilities.


Letters of Invitation

To apply for a letter of invitation, please download the application located here and email to lijin@csoe.org.cn.  

VISA Information

To apply for a letter of invitation, please download the application located here and email to lijin@csoe.org.cn.  


Full information about transportation to the venue can be located on the local organizer's website.

Airport Information:
Direct Transport Hub from Suzhou City Terminal to three airports, which are Shuofang Airport, Hongqiao Airport, and Pudong Airport.

Train Information:
Train Timetable Between Shanghai and Suzhou(G-Series)

Tour Information

Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill is a popular tourist destination and is known for its natural beauty as well as historical sites. The hill is so named because it is said to look like a crouching tiger. Another legend states that a white tiger appeared on the hill to guard it following the burial of King of Wu. The hill has been a tourist destination for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, as is evident from the poetry and calligraphy carved into rocks on the hill.

Pingjiang Historic Quarter
Pingjiang Historic Quarter is part of the historic, cultural area of old Suzhou and has been in existence for 1,000 years, maintaining the style of the Song Dynasty.  Pingjiang Historic Quarter is in the northeastern part of old Suzhou, which has a 2,500-year history and the best-preserved cultural-protection zone of old Suzhou. Throughout history, many literary scholars, high officials, and members of the nobility lived in the quarter. It is an open district consisting mainly of residential buildings and its true value lies in the traditional style of living.

World's First Canopy
In the East Lake business district, the first thing that catches your eyes is the "world's first canopy." This 500 meters long, 32 meters wide, the giant LED canopy, replacing the United States, 400 meters from Las Vegas, "Canopy" and become the world's first. The "canopy" of more than 2000 million by the high brightness LED lamp formed a cost of billion. Nightly release "impression of Suzhou", "UFO", "Global Travel" and the theme of a long travel video screen.