Solid-State Lighting (SSL)

Topic Categories

Within the next 25 years, SSL will become the cornerstone of a revolution in lighting. Incandescent and gas discharge lamps will be replaced by highly efficient organic and inorganic semiconductor devices. This progress relies on advances in material science, device physics, manufacturing, device packaging, and light management. This symposium therefore covers all aspects of solid state lighting, from new materials development and device physics to the design of efficient lighting optics.


Topics include, but are not limited to:

•         materials and devices for LEDs, including organic, quantum dot, perovskite, and bulk III-V (e.g. GaN) emitters
•         technology and manufacturing of LEDs
•         relevant heterojunction and interface studies
•         stability aspects
•         light outcoupling
•         theoretical modeling of optoelectronic and photonic processes
•         optical micro- and nano-probes of materials and devices
•         advanced approaches for materials nanostructuring for optoelectronic devices
•         SSL systems, applications, and performance
•         spectral tailoring for human centric lighting and circadian lighting applications
•         the usage of LED in connected light applications
•         how to meet the future market expectations regarding efficiency, quality and cost of SSL products