Local Agency Tours

The Energy Congress is offering attendees the opportunity to visit local agency in the Boulder area on Tuesday, 7 November.  All tours will leave the Congress meeting sites (NCAR) at noon. The price for the tours is $30 per person and includes a boxed lunch and transportation to/from the agency.

National Center for Atmospheric Research Tour(NCAR) $30.00

The tour will be at the NCAR's Research Aviation Facility in Broomfield, CO. NCAR operates two research aircraft, a C-130 and Gulfstream V, for the National Science Foundation. These flying laboratories are deployed to places around the world to collect atmospheric measurements and observations that can be analyzed by scientists to better understand weather and climate processes. Participants will get a tour of a platform including the cabin, cockpit, and description of the exterior modifications to the aircraft.
*Everyone that participates in a tour of the hangers of RAF must wear closed toed shoes. No exceptions can be made due to safety regulations.**

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Tour (NOAA/NIST) $30.00

The tour will visit several laboratories in NOAA and NIST at the Department of Commerce site in Boulder. At NIST, the tour will visit three groups that focus on developing new technologies for spectroscopic detection of atmospheric gases. One group is developing integrated path and differential absorption LIDAR techniques for greenhouse gas measurements in the near infrared. Two other groups are developing and applying broadband frequency combs in both the near and mid-infrared for open path spectroscopy of the atmosphere.
The NOAA tour will visit three groups that employ optical techniques to measure meteorological, chemical, and aerosol properties in the laboratory and in the field. The tour will include descriptions of development and application of lidar for observing aerosols, ozone, and winds; laser cavity ringdown instruments for measuring chemical species; and optical instruments for field characterization of aerosol properties.

National Renewable Energy Laborator (NREL) $30.00 - SOLD OUT

The Department of Energy's National Energry Laboratory (NREL) focuses on creative answers to todays eneryg challenges. From breakthroughs in fundamental science, to new clean technologies to integreated energy systems that power our lives, NREL researchers are transforming the way the nation and the world use energy.
This tour features NREL's South Table Mountain research campus, and will include stops at the Science & Support Facitlity.