Hyperspectral Imaging and Sounding of the Environment (HISE)

14 - 17 November 2016
Kongresshalle am Zoo, Leipzig, Germany

Invited Speakers

Eric Bucsela, SRI International, Inc., Applying the OMI NO2 Retrieval Algorithm to Estimate the Production Efficiency of Lightning NOx, Invited

Alexander Cede, SciGlob Instruments & Services LLC, United States, The Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory, Invited

André Ehrlich, University of Leipzig, Germany, Simultaneous Retrieval of Cloud and Snow Properties Using Airborne Spectral Solar Remote Sensing , Invited

Florian Ewald, German Aerospace Center, Germany, Characterization and Airborne Deployment of Specmacs, a Multipurpose Hyperspectral Cloud and Sky Imager , Invited

Daniel Feldman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States, Observing Climate Change With Both Shortwave and Longwave Hyperspectral Satellite Instrumentation, Invited

Xianglei Huang, University of Michigan, United States, On the Use of Hyperspectral Observations in Climate Studies: Unveiling a Hidden Dimension , Invited

Evelyn Jäkel, University of Leipzig, Germany, Analysis of the Vertical Distribution of the Thermodynamic Phase in Tropical Deep-convective Clouds , Invited

Lars Klüser, German Aerospace Center, Germany, On the Information Content of Hyperspectral Infrared Observations with Respect to Mineral Dust , Invited

Luca Palchetti, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica (CNR), Italy, Far-IR Spectral Observations of the Earth's Longwave Radiation and Their Role in Climate Studies, Invited

Martin Riese, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, High Resolution Infrared Limb-imaging of Atmospheric Temperature and Composition , Invited

Alan Schaum, US Naval Research Laboratory, United States, Clairvoyant Fusion Solutions to Composite Spectral Detection Problems , Invited

Sebastian Schmidt, Univ of Colorado/LASP, United States, The Shortwave Spectral Signature of Cloud Spatial Structure – a New Observable for Cloud and Trace Gas Remote Sensing , Invited

Michel Van Roozendael, Inst d'Aeronomie Spatiale de Belgique, Belgium, High Resolution Mapping of Urban NO2 Distributions Using Airborne Remote Sensing , Invited

Ping Yang, Texas A&M University, United States, A Fast Hyperspectral Radiative Transfer Model , Invited

Stephen Tjemkes, EUMETSAT, Germany, Mtg-irs: The Instrument, Its Products and Current User Readiness Activities , Keynote