Clinical and Translational Biophotonics

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Translational focuses on the development and application of optical techniques for clinical applications. The meeting will span clinical diagnostic, surgical guidance and therapeutic approaches that use light, with applications ranging from cancer to ophthalmology and global health.

The meeting will also include technologies for in-vivo laboratory disease research including contrast agent development and intravital microscopy in animal models.

Presented work will include reports of novel and developing technologies for clinical applications, demonstrations of clinical applications and clinical trial results, with presenters encouraged to share their experiences relating to the challenges of clinical translation. Events will include panel discussions and networking forums to develop skills and expertise for clinical translation, FDA and regulatory hurdles and fundraising.

Committee Members

Stefan Andersson Engels, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland , Chair

Thomas Wang, University of Michigan, United States , Chair

Laura Marcu, University of California Davis, United States , Program Chair

David Sampson, University of Western Australia, Australia , Program Chair

Daniel Elson, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Michalina Gora, CNRS, ICube Laboratory, France

Dimitris Gorpas, Helmholtz Zentrum München GmbH, Germany

Frederic Leblond, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada

Xingde Li, Johns Hopkins University, United States

Lothar Lilge, Princess Margaret Hospital,

Seemantini Nadkarni, Harvard Medical School, United States

Malini Olivo, Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, Singapore

Jennifer Phipps, University of California Davis, United States

Ronald Sroka, Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität Munchen, Germany

Alex Vitkin, Ontario Cancer Institute , Canada

Karin Wardell, Linköpingf University, Dept Biomed Eng., Sweden

Adam Wax, Duke University, United States

Victor Yang, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Canada

Elena Zagaynova, Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy,


Stefan Andersson Engels

Tyndall National Institute, IRELAND

Thomas Wang

University of Michigan, UNITED STATES

Laura Marcu

University of California Davis, UNITED STATES
Program Chair

David Sampson

University of Western Australia, AUSTRALIA
Program Chair


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