International Optical Design Conference

International Optical Design Conference

09 - 13 July 2017
Denver Marriott City Center, Denver, Colorado United States

Optical design remains a rapidly developing field due to the increased performance demands, improved software and computing platforms for modeling, better algorithms, and new fabrication technologies for better performance. The International Optical Design Conference (IODC), which occurs every four years, provides the most important meeting in optical design for engineers, scientists and designers to stay abreast of the changes in this field. Attendees from around the world in a breadth of optical design disciplines will be able to interact in both informal and formal settings.

Topics of special interest for IODC are illumination system fabrication, surface representation in lens design, desensitizing designs and reduction in cost, beam shaping, micro-optics, polarization, and computational imaging.

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Peter Clark

Optikos Corporation

Julius Muschaweck

Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co.

Richard Pfisterer

Photon Engineering LLC

John Rogers

Synopsys, Inc

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Hotel Reservation 7 June 2017 12:00 EDT
Hotel Reservation 7 June 2017
Advanced Registration 9 June 2017 12:00 EDT
Advanced Registration 9 June 2017
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Stefan Baumer, TNO, Netherlands, Beyond tolerancing: integrated structural, thermal and optical performance analysis to simulate real-world performance , Invited

Pablo Benitez, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain, Extreme-performance optics for Virtual Reality applications , Invited

Julie Bentley, University of Rochester, United States, VIS-SWIR High Resolution Zoom Inspection System , Invited

Andrea Berner, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany, An Overview on Induced Color Aberrations, Invited

Florian Bociort, Technische Universiteit Delft, Netherlands, Order and Reducibility in the Lens Design Landscape, Invited

William Cassarly, Synopsys, Inc, United States, Using Pinhole Images to Understand Nonimaging Optics’, Invited

Gregory Forbes, Scisense Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia, Quadrature/Cubature for System Assessemnt, Invited

John Greivenkamp, University of Arizona, United States, Optics Goes to the Movies, Invited

Alan Greynolds, United States, Ray-pathing: A Generalized Extension and Possible Alternative to Conventional Ray Aiming, Invited

Herbert Gross, University of Jena, Germany, Systematic Design of Microscopic Lenses , Invited

Alois Herkommer, Universität Stuttgart, Germany, Surface Resolved Aberration Contributions in Freeform Optical Systems, Invited

Juan Carlos Miñano, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain, Freeform Aplanatism , Invited

Iain Neil, Scotoptix, Switzerland, High Performance Front Anamorphic Zoom Lenses Employing Crossed Cylinder Surfaces, Invited

Andrew Rakich, European Southern Observatory, Germany, The Control of Misalignment Induced Field-Aberrations in a 7-channel Phased-array Optical Telescope, Invited

Jose Sasian, University of Arizona, United States, Joseph Petzval Lens Design Approach, Invited

Rainer Schuhmann, Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Kubatz GmbH &, Germany, Standards in the Optical Industry, Invited

David Shafer, David Schafer Optical Design, United States, My 50 Years of Optical Design Using Husserl’s Phenomenology, Invited

Wolfgang Singer, Carl Zeiss AG, Tackling the Challenges of Fully Immersive Augmented Reality Head Worn Devices, Invited

Kristina Uhlendorf, Jabil Optics Germany, Germany, Invited

Akira Yabe, Akira Yabe Lens Design, Japan, Invited

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