Computational  Optical Sensing and Imaging

Computational  Optical Sensing and Imaging

26 - 29 June 2017
Hyatt Regency San Francisco, San Francisco, California United States

Theoretical to experimental demonstration and applications of the latest advances in computational imaging research.

Computational sensing and imaging applications span from fundamental science to medical, security, and defense industry applications. COSI encompasses the latest advances in computational imaging research, emphasizing integration of opto-electric measurement and computational processing.   Representative topics include compressive sensing, tomographic imaging, light-field sensing, digital holography, SAR, phase retrieval, computational spectroscopy, blind deconvolution and phase diversity, point spread function engineering, and digital/optical super resolution.

Topic Categories

  • Indirect imaging
  • Adaptive inverse problems for Imaging applications
  • Compressive sensing and single pixel camera
  • Tomographic imaging
  • Light-field sensing and processing
  • Digital/optical super resolution
  • Optical ptychography and phase retrieval
  • Artificial intelligence and deep learning applied for computational imaging
  • Optimization design techniques in computational imaging
  • Computational lithography


Marc Christensen

Southern Methodist University

Ram Narayanswamy

Intel Corporation

Lars Omlor

Carl Zeiss AG

Zeev Zalevsky

Bar-Ilan University

Rajesh Menon

University of Utah
Program Chair

Abbie Watnik

US Naval Research Laboratory
Program Chair

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Advanced Registration 25 May 2017
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Hotel Reservation 5 June 2017
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Yonina Eldar, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, Correlation based Super-resolution in Optical and Ultrasound Imaging, Invited

Joseph Mait, US Army Research Laboratory, United States, Two Decades of Computational Imaging: Still serving old wine in new bottles?, Invited

Margaret Murnane, University of Colorado at Boulder, United States, Towards Real-Time Functional Imaging at the Nanoscale, Invited

Lama Nachman, Intel Corporation, United States, Title to Be Announced, Invited

Valerio Pruneri, ICFO -The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain, CMOS based scattering particle analyser and differential interference contrast sensing, Invited

Anne Sakdinawat, University of California Berkeley, United States, Computational Imaging in the X-ray Regime, Invited

Giuliano Scarcelli, University of Maryland at College Park, United States, Imaging Through Dynamic Turbid Media Using the Shower-curtain Effect, Invited

Carola-Bibane Schoenlieb , University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Motion Estimation on Evolving Manifolds with an Application to the Analysis of Fluorescence Microscopy Data, Invited

Adrian Stern, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, The Compressive Sensing Revolution in COSI; Overview and Future Direction, Invited

Lei Tian, Boston University, United States, Computational imaging in multiple scattering with recursive models, Invited

Tali Treibitz, Haifa University, Optical Imaging in the Ocean, Invited

Michael Unser, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, Title to Be Announced, Invited

Luc Vincent, Google, United States, Capturing high quality imagery from moving vehicles for the purpose of mapping, Invited

Changhuei Yang, California Institute of Technology, United States, Fourier Ptychography – Using computation to address physical optical challenges, Invited

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