Optics and the Brain

Topic Categories

1. Optics in the Human Brain
  • Optical neuroimaging
  • Functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)
  • Intrasurgical brain optical imaging
  • Fiber-optic probes, spectroscopy and endoscopic imaging
  • Optical modulation of the human central nervous system
  • Retinal neuroscience
 2. Novel contrast, Optogenetics and Optical Modulation Tools and Techniques
  • Genetically encoded calcium and voltage indicators
  • Novel forms of functional contrast
  • New genetic strategies for optogenetics
  • Optrode and electrode hardware for excitation and / or recording
  • Modeling and overcoming scatter in optogenetics
3. Whole brain imaging: techniques and big data
  • Light sheet microscopy
  • Novel techniques for in-vivo and in-vitro whole-brain imaging and actuation
  • Zebrafish, Drosophila and similar small organisms
  • CLARITY and structural imaging, animal to human
  • Optical data management and analysis strategies
 4. Ultrasound and optical hybrids
  • Photoacoustics / optoacoustics
  • Acousto-optic approaches
  • Acoustic modulation of neural activity
  • Combined optical / PET / CT / MRI
 5. Label-free imaging of the brain
  • Intrinsic signals: hemodynamics
  • Intrinsic signals: scattering
  • Polarization, second harmonic generation
  • Raman spectroscopy, CARS and SRS in the brain
 6. Brain disorders and disease
  • Application of optical imaging strategies to Alzheimer’s, stroke, epilepsy etc.
  • Photothrombosis
  • Optical therapeutics
  • Photodynamic therapy
7. Optical imaging and microscopy techniques for functional brain imaging
  • In-vivo two-photon microscopy
  • Wide-field / multisite optical recordings
  • Novel techniques for functional brain imaging and microscopy: deeper / faster / 3D
  • Adaptive optics corrections
  • Wearable microscopes