Optics and the Brain

Optics and the Brain

25 - 28 April 2016
The Diplomat Resort and Spa, Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States

The US BRAIN initiative and European Human Brain Project in Europe have recognized that gaining a better understanding the brain is a critical frontier in science and medicine. These initiatives have identified the urgent need for new technologies that can probe the working brain, across all levels from single neurons to entire behaving organisms. Optics offers a unique toolkit for multiscale imaging the living and intact brain, while new genetic labeling strategies provide optical contrast to neural function and optogenetics permits the control of cellular function with light. Optics and the Brain is thus an important, highly interdisciplinary area of research that combines broad aspects of neuroscience, biology, medicine, physics, chemistry and engineering.
This conference will bring together researchers working in all aspects of optics in the brain and will serve as a forum for discussion of existing and emerging techniques as well as future directions capable of shedding new light on the healthy and diseased brain.

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Elizabeth Hillman
Columbia University
United States

Francesco Pavone
European Lab for Non-Linear Spectroscopy

Daniel Cote
Universite Laval

Vice Chair
Joseph Culver
Washington University in St Louis
United States

Vice Chair

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Robert Alfano, CUNY City College, United States, Invited

Katrin Amunts, Forschungszentrum Julich GmbH, Germany, Ultra-high Resolution Models of the Human Brain – Computational and Neuroscientific Challenges, Invited

Polina Anikeeva, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States, Optoelectronic and Magnetic Manipulation of Neural Circuits, Invited

Brian Bacskai, Massachusetts General Hospital, United States, Multiphoton Imaging of Structure and Function in Mouse Models of Alzheimer's Disease, Invited

David Boas, Harvard Medical School, United States, Optical Imaging of Oxygen Delivery and Consumption : Guiding Interpretation of BOLD fMRI, Invited

Daniel Cote, Universite Laval, Canada, Imaging, Sensing and Controlling the Spinal Cord, Invited

Joseph Culver, Washington University in St Louis, United States, Mapping Functional Connectivity in Mice and Humans with Light, Invited

Hod Dana, HHMI - Janelia Farm Research Campus, United States, Applications of Red Calcium Indicators for Imaging Neural Activity, Invited

Dimitrios Davalos, Cleveland Clinic, United States, Microglial Responses to Blood Brain Barrier Disruption in Neuroinflammatory Disease, Invited

Patrick Drew, Pennsylvania State University, United States, Optical Dissection of Mesoscale Cerebral Hemodynamics in the Behaving Brain, Invited

Jaime Grutzendler, Yale University, Label-free Confocal Reflectance and 2-photon Microscopy of Myelinated Axons and Microvasculature in Live Mice , Invited

Timothy Holy, Washington University in St Louis, United States, Imaging Deeper with with Single-photon Illumination, Invited

Benjamin Judkewitz, Charité Berlin, Humboldt University, Germany, Deep-tissue Imaging with Time-reversed Light, Invited

Anita Mahadevan-Jansen, Vanderbilt University, United States, Insight into the Biophysical Mechanisms of Infrared Neural Stimulation, Invited

Wei Min, Columbia University, United States, Optical Imaging of Vibrationally-Tagged Small Molecules for Biomedicine, Invited

Nozomi Nishimura, Cornell University, United States, Cellular Interactions in Neurological Disease: Nonlinear Optics for in vivo Studies, Invited

Arto Nurmikko, Brown University, United States, On Multifunctional optoelectronic Probes for the Brain, Invited

Daniel Razansky, Technical University of Munich, Germany, The Promise of Large-scale Neural Recording with Optoacoustics, Invited

Francois St-Pierre, Baylor College of Medicine, United States, Imaging Neural Electrical Activity with Ultrafast Fluorescent Proteins, Invited

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Congress Special Events

NIRFAST Workshop
24 April
This workshop provides a hands-on tutorial for the modeling of diffuse light propagation in tissue, parameter recovery and data analysis.  There is no registration fee to attend this workshop but an application and registration is required. Visit the Nirfast page for more information.

OSA Meet-the-Professionals Luncheon (Members only - RSVP Required)
25 April, 12:30 - 13:30
Room 214, Second Level

Presider: Christine Herndon, Columbia University
OSA Members: Students and young professionals are invited to meet participating professionals in the field biomedical optics field from academia, industry and government. This RSVP-only lunch is a casual opportunity to network with chairs, committee members and exhibitors. Lunch is complimentary for all confirmed attendees; note the capacity for the event is 50 members. RSVP online before the event fills up.
Participating professionals include:
  • Stephen Boppart, Chair, Clinical and Translational Biophotonics, Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Christine Hendon, Committee Member, Clinical and Translational Biophotonics, Columbia University
  • Elizabeth Hillman, Chair, Optics and the Brain, Columbia University
  • Christoph Hitzenberger, Chair, Optical Tomography and Spectroscopy, Editor-in Chief, Biomedical Optics Express, Medizinische Universität Wien
  • Mary Lou Jepsen, Facebook
  • Bernard Querleux, L'Oréal
  • Francesco Pavone, Chair, Optics and the Brain, European Lab for Non-Linear Spectroscopy
  • Brian Pogue, Committee Member, Dartmouth College
  • David Sampson, Chair of Cancer Imaging and Therapy, University of Western Australia
  • Matthias Schulze, Coherent, Inc
More will be confirmed soon!

Postdeadline Poster Preview Session
26 April, 13:00 - 13:30
Grand Ballroom East

Selected papers will present a short oral poster preview in a special Postdeadline Session leading into Tuesday's Joint Poster session.  All accepted Postdeadline presenters will be presenting a poster in addition to the poster preview.  Submit your paper for consideration here.

Dinner Cruise on The Grand Floridian
26 April, 18:00–21:00
Diplomat Resort & Spa, Diplomat Landing, Marina Dock

Cruise the Intracoastal waterway and enjoy dinner on a spectacular luxury yacht that offers four decks, a covered sky lounge and a spacious top deck for ocean views.
18:00 – 18:30 Boarding
18:30 Cruise Departure
18:30 – 20:00 Cruise and Dinner Buffet
20:00 Return to Dock
21:00 Final Disembark

Industry Panel - An Introduction to the Regulatory Process: How to Get From Technology Development into Real Life Use
27 April, 10:30 - 12:00
Grand Ballroom West

Panelists from the regulatory, consulting, and industry communities will inform us on the process and the do’s and don’ts of obtaining regulatory approval. From success stories, and some misadventures, we will learn from the panelists what is required for success. Bring questions and expect a highly interactive session with those who have ventured down this road.
Bright Ideas Pitch Panel Luncheon
An Invitation to Present Your New Technology and Innovative Ideas
27 April, 12:00 - 13:30
Grand Ballroom West

Do you have a startup or an idea for a new company?  Present your technology, explain why it’s valuable and discuss the next steps to commercialization.
Town Hall Forum on Biophotonics Commercialization
27 April, 17:30 - 19:30
Grand Ballroom West

Please join us for an open town-hall meeting, where thought leaders debate and share perspectives that are critical to the rapidly expanding biophotonics market.

Biomedical Optics Feature Issue
A special issue from OSA's Biomedical Optics Congress will be published in Biomedical Optics Express. All presenters of oral talks and posters are welcome to submit an expanded paper to the special issue. Submission deadline for journal articles will be 15 June 2016.